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Pandemic Baby Boom Turns Bust

Pandemic Baby Boom Turns Bust

I am one of seven children — a large family even in the 1960s. One hundred years earlier, in the 1860s, it was typical for families to have between 6…

current market

The Latest Word on the Current Market

The life of an investment professional is hard work. I’m up against a lot of deadlines, I need to be extremely detail oriented and analytical, and people need to be…

market review

Is This A Goldilocks Economy?

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Goldilocks. She went for a walk in the forest, and soon she came upon a house. The breaking and entering…

Person looking at a graph on a tablet

Do Men’s Underwear Purchases Indicate an Economic Downturn?

As humans, we’re hardwired to dislike uncertainty. We gravitate toward patterns and predictability, in general preferring the known. Perhaps that’s why over the years different people have developed rather colorful,…

succession planning

5 Common Objections to Business Succession Planning

Many business owners still refuse or delay business succession planning even in the face of statistics we shared in a previous blog about how critical planning is to the continuity…

5 Benefits of a Business Succession Plan

5 Benefits of a Business Succession Plan

After you’ve spent the better part of your adult life building a successful business, what’s next? Many business owners spend their lives so engrossed in budgets, projections, new sales presentations,…

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