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Life of the Parking Lot: At the Intersection of Packer Games, Co-workers, and Clients

Written by Sarah Szejn, Assistant Vice President - Client Relationship Specialist Manager

By Sarah Szejn, Client Relationship Officer, First Business Bank sszejn

If you ask my husband he’ll say “It’s my wife’s hobby” followed by that ever-so-clever grin he’s known for.

For seven Sundays each NFL season, you’ll find us in the same parking lot no later than three hours before kickoff. Together, we are weekend tailgate warriors, ‘inside’ voices are prohibited.

We’ve learned from the best, Packer Pete, Packer Jeff and Packer Wendy to name a few… folks who joined this brotherhood years ago and continue to enlighten future generations about chili dumps, how to dress for the elements, generators, and what precise time to head to the stadium to avoid the long lines.

We’ve developed friendships and affinities for people of who we know only by first name. Like Bob and his granddaughters Megan and Kayla, who park cars every Sunday in addition to consistently reserving ‘our spot’… and Packer Jeff’s daughter “Amanda” (who I’m embarrassed to say we called by the wrong name an entire season).

The tailgate experience is like no other at Lambeau Field – a bucket list trip for many. Five stars on TripAdvisor and 4 ½ stars on Yelp! The stadium is ranked the best in the NFL.

For hours we visit and narrate in embellished detail about past Sundays, where together we battled the elements. A camaraderie is forged. “Remember when Chef Ron cooked a turkey at the tailgate in the pouring rain during the Favre retirement on Thanksgiving Day in 2015?”

That camaraderie is akin to my relationship with my co-workers.

Reflecting on my favorite work memories, they go something like this:

“Remember when Tom ate the last two pieces of Kim’s famous pumpkin torte out of the fridge clearly reserved for Anne and Kathy via a post-it note?”

“Remember when we dressed like ghosts at the office for Halloween and threw the orange out on the frozen pond?”

In my career, I continue to learn from the best. I’m very thankful for the accessibility, consistency, and sense of urgency traits that start from the top down, our culture, and the trust that we’ve built with one another as co-workers.

The First Business experience is like no other, which has been proven recently by a 94% client satisfaction rating, 2016 Waukesha County Executive’s Business of the Year Award, and Milwaukee Business Journal’s 2016 award for Best Places to Work. We recognize our clients personally by first name or nickname but always the right name!

As a business owner I doubt that finding the right bank for your business is on your bucket list but feel free to stop by anytime. Just like my tailgate you’re always welcome. Just listen for me – I’m the loud one.

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