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A New Era in Data Privacy

Written by Dawn Wilcox, Senior Director of IT Security & Compliance

As best practices for maintaining data privacy continue to evolve, I lead the effort at First Business to enact and ensure our employees stringently follow them. It’s also extremely important to us that our clients, who are also concerned about protecting data privacy for their businesses, are aware of the latest expert advice.


On Data Privacy Day, January 28, I recommend you visit the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) Stay Safe Online website, which will feature a live stream of the Data Privacy Day 2019 event.

The Stay Safe Online website has a wealth of information to help you:

  • Identify: Assess the cybersecurity risks to your organization
  • Protect: Implement a cybersecurity plan for your business
  • Detect: Stay aware of key threats
  • Respond: Notify the proper authorities to recoup losses

Make sure to take note of their Managing Your Privacy page, which also provides tips you can use in your personal life to help your loved ones and your employees’ families protect their data privacy.

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