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The Latest Word on the Current Market

Written by Nancy Johnshoy, CFA, Senior Vice President - Portfolio Manager & Market Strategist

The life of an investment professional is hard work. I’m up against a lot of deadlines, I need to be extremely detail oriented and analytical, and people need to be able to trust the information I njohnshoyprovide. That may sound stressful to most, but my career also comes with an amazing amount of satisfaction. When I have done my job correctly, I not only help my clients protect and grow their wealth, but have asked the right questions, identified my client’s issues and priorities, and brought the right resources to the equation. I consider it an honor and a privilege to earn that level of trust.

One of the reasons I write the Quarterly Market Review for First Business Bank’s Private Wealth group is to help my clients better assess their investment strategy. Despite the problematic deadlines and schedule conflicts, I really enjoy writing and offering the Quarterly Market Review. I hope you find value in the piece. Please let us know if we can ever be of any assistance in meeting your financial needs.


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