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Any bank can react to fraud by alerting you to uncommon activity on your account. These days, though, as criminals mount new cyber fraud attacks daily, that’s just not enough. First Business Bank is invested in your success with comprehensive fraud protection, which includes our commitment to helping you continually train employees and shore up weaknesses in your financial systems. Our services, resources, and training tips are designed to be easy to use, and help prevent fraud from occurring in the first place.

With a full range of fraud protection services to protect your company’s assets, First Business Bank helps you reduce the risk of fraud occurrences.

fraud protection

SecurLOCK™ Equip

SecurLOCK™ Equip allows First Business Bank debit cardholders to use their smartphones to control how, when, and where their debit cards are used. Other benefits include:

• Set transaction spend limits below bank limits

• Select geographic locations where the card can be used

• Set merchant locations including card-not-present controls

• View recent transactions

• Receive real-time alerts

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ach fraud protection


ACH Positive Pay provides fraud protection by preventing unauthorized electronic payments and check fraud:

• Block ACH debits from an account

• Create filter lists for pre-authorized ACH debits

• Verify unlisted ACH debit attempts online

• Easily add or delete authorized ACH transactions from filter list

account reconciliation


Account reconciliation can be complicated, time consuming, and frustrating. If your reconciliation process is any or all of these things, First Business Bank has the solution for you. We offer three types of account reconciliation so you are able to choose the one that best fits your needs.

  • • Full – provides a file download of all account activity, including checks, ACH debits and credits,
    wire transfers, and paper deposits.
  • • Partial – provides a file download of all cleared checks.
  • • Deposit – provides a file download of all deposits.

How Does it Work?

Account reconciliation is made available via Online Business Banking and may be integrated with Positive Pay for better fraud protection and ease of error resolution.

Depending on the type of reconciliation you choose, information files may be downloaded daily, weekly, or at month end, in a format that will match your internal system. We set up your download cycle to fit your needs.

Benefits To Your Business:

  • • Efficiency – this service allows you to deal with exceptions rather than every posted item.
  • • Save time and money – the service automates and streamlines time consuming tasks and
    reduces administrative time and processing costs.
  • • Fraud protection – helps prevent honest errors and real fraud.
payee positive pay


First Business Bank’s Positive Pay service represents a proactive approach to combating check fraud, with First Business Bank and your business working together as a team. As an early warning fraud detection system, Positive Pay arms your business with the information needed to stop check fraud before it happens.

How Does it Work?

From high-tech counterfeit checks to simple forgeries, business checking accounts are targets for fraudsters. First Business Bank’s Positive Pay allows you to electronically upload your check file for all written checks with First Business Bank. We will send you an email alerting you if checks presented do not match the checks on your register.

Benefits To Your Business:

• History available for up to 45 days

• Early access to suspect checks

• Up-to-date security features

• Reduces potential check fraud

• Saves time with online exception decision making

fraud protection resources


Your company’s security is important to us. At First Business Bank, we want to help you and your employees recognize and prevent fraud attempts with our fraud  protection resources. With our fraud protection resources, you’ll find expert advice to protect debit cards, your privacy, and business funds.

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Consumer Bill Payment clients may see a one-time pop up message when accessing the Bill Payment section of Online Banking informing you about heightened Virtual Card payment security.

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Access to our Remote Deposit Capture system is intermittently unavailable; users may not be able to access it at this time. We are working to restore access as possible. If you have questions, please contact us at:

  1. Wisconsin Region: 608-232-5938
  2. Kansas Region: 913-717-6464