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Your Retirement Strategy: Why, Where, When, And How

By Christine Waldschmidt, JD, Trust Advisor The WHO is You, and the WHAT is Retirement. The rest of these queries take a little more digging. Why? If you are thinking…

6 Benefits of Equipment Financing

6 Benefits of Equipment Financing

By David Sook, Senior Vice President – Sales Manager – Equipment Finance The latest data from the Equipment Leasing & Finance Association (ELFA) shows that 80% of businesses finance their…

Estimating Your Retirement Income Needs

Estimating Your Retirement Income Needs

By Jim Myers, Participant Services & Education Officer – Company Retirement Plans The quick onset of market volatility due to COVID-19 has taught us that having a financial plan, periodically…

Unprecedented Bank Liquidity Needs a Contingency Funding Plan

Unprecedented Bank Liquidity Needs a Contingency Funding Plan

By Jim Ropella, Consultant & Retired CFO In the financial services industry, a lack of liquidity will harm profitability and possibly destroy your bank’s long-term outlook. Liquidity, no matter how…

Important Things to Think about When Saving for Retirement

Important Things to Think about When Saving for Retirement

By Brian Elmer – Wealth Advisor, NMLS #524030 Whether retirement is 40 years from now or right around the corner, the thought of getting to the proverbial “finish line” can…

Outsourcing Drives Efficiency at Financial Institutions

Outsourcing Drives Efficiency at Financial Institutions

By Jim Ropella, Consultant & Retired CFO A common theme among bank leaders has always been to improve efficiency thereby improving profitability. The pandemic has quickly made us all discover new,…

ask an expert about retirement3

Ask An Expert About Retirement

By Gary Fossum – Senior Vice President – Company Retirement Plans As one of the few current First Business Bank employees who has been with the company for over 20…

Commercial Loan Decisions

An Insider's Guide to Commercial Loan Decisions

Many business owners approach their banks and the business loan process assuming things will be similar to their experiences securing a personal loan for a home or a car. However,…

Balance Sheet

Let The Balance Sheet Help Navigate Your Business

By Jerimiah Janssen, Vice President – Commercial Banking Over my career in banking, I’ve developed great respect for passionate business owners. They’re running a vital piece of our economy: Small employer…

SBA Lending

How SBA Lending is Changing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Ryan Black, Vice President – SBA Lending I was excited and invigorated by the amount of feedback I received recently from a LinkedIn post about my First Business Bank…


Catching up with Jerry & Donna Smith in Retirement

By Jennifer Braico, Senior Communications Strategist Like many milestones in life, retirement is often difficult to picture until you achieve it. Running a marathon, raising a child, buying a house,…

First Business Client news

CEO Report 2nd Quarter 2020

This year is proving to be a defining year for the economy, our country, and consequently for our company. In the months since the health crisis began, the U.S. economy…

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