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When Teamwork Makes All The Difference

Written by Juan Contreras, Client Services Associate

We’ve all heard the phrase, “there’s no ‘I’ in team.” For many people, this may be a meaningless, everyday expression, but to me these few words encompass one of the greatest valuesJuan Contreras Candid I hold dearest in my life. When teammates bring their minds and talents together to accomplish a particular objective, I believe the final outcome is ten times better and more efficient than if a single person had taken it on. Too many people nowadays forget the importance of teamwork and how it not only harvests a more gratifying and profitable result, but also fortifies relationships between teammates in the workplace.

I have been with First Business Bank for nearly a year; since my very first day, I could see that teamwork embodied the culture of this company. Teammates from all departments were welcoming and helpful with me as I gradually settled into my new role. No matter how many questions I asked or what tasks I needed assistance with, someone was always there to provide a friendly answer. This is very refreshing for someone like me, who hails from a very competitive world of retail banking where people sometimes withhold information in a maligned effort to “get ahead” or to try to increase their own personal value at the company.

business handshake at tableI identified with Wendy Carlson, First Business’s Compensation & Benefits Manager, when she wrote “happy people are more likely to go above and beyond” in her blog about putting the caring back in companies. “Doing the right thing for people turns out to be the right thing for companies.”

Recently here in our Leawood, KS, office, our Client Services team was abruptly busier than we’ve ever been due to a recent successful marketing campaign. Suddenly new clients came in quickly, which presents incredible opportunities for us, but also adds to our daily responsibilities of helping existing clients. As a result, our team’s communication grew and strengthened. We learned that to operate efficiently as a well-oiled machine, we must synchronize our daily responsibilities and tasks with close-knit communication. Solid communication is the key ingredient for us to work together effectively and rise above all obstacles.

Group photoThe culture at First Business distinguishes us from other financial institutions. The internal focus on our people and teamwork is as important here as our focus on our clients. Because of this, individually we feel supported and are that much more equipped to provide the unique and exceptional service to clients that they appreciate, helping us continue building on our success at First Business.

You might be skeptical and think that all banks are the same. I don’t blame you – I used to think the same thing. There’s nothing to lose and you might find a great advantage when you experience The First Business Bank difference. Please reach out and ask how we can help you today.

1 comment on “When Teamwork Makes All The Difference”

  1. Roslia Santamaria

    July 5, 2019 at 8:36 am

    Superb share! thanks for sharing this useful and amazing post.

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