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Accounts Receivable Financing

Turn your unpaid invoices into instant cash and start using the funds you’re owed — today.

Your Commercial Accounts Receivable Funding Options

Improve your cash flow and take advantage of every business opportunity with Accounts Receivable Financing programs delivered by experts. Whether you’re a start-up, an early stage growth company, or ready to refinance as part of a turn-around effort, we can help provide funding in amounts from $100,000 to $15,000,000.


Unlock the cash tied up in your outstanding invoices with accounts receivable factoring. We offer same-day funding with average advance rates of 90%.

Ledgered Line Financing
Maintain control over your accounts receivable while benefiting from the flexibility and structure of a factoring facility.
Inventory & Equipment Financing

Address your working capital needs with inventory and equipment loans to complement our Accounts Receivable Financing facilities.

Real Numbers, Real Results

Average Advance Rate

Hours Or Less To Access Funds


Years Of Combined Operational Experience

Benefits Of Accounts Receivable Financing

We are distinguished among our competitors.

Fast Turnaround

Receive your proposal within 24-48 hours of delivering your info to our team. We evaluate potential transactions fast — so you can access the cash you need quickly.

Honest Feedback

Get an honest assessment of your options. We will not waste your time if we can’t meet your needs, and we’ll offer guidance on your best next steps. 

Competitive Pricing

Access fair and competitive pricing structures, so you can maximize your opportunity and grow your business.

Better Service

Work with a reliable team. We’re accessible and responsive, helping you solve any issues you might encounter immediately.

Flexible Options

Access financing with fewer restrictions and maximize your opportunities. Accounts Receivable Financing gives you options. 

Scalable Opportunities

Obtain other types of financing, such as SBA loans and equipment loans, or partner with our Private Wealth team for industry-leading personal wealth management. 

Your Industry Needs Met By Accounts Receivable Financing

Building financing solutions for your business takes a deep understanding of your industry — and that’s why clients choose First Business Bank.

Staffing and Service Providers

Find flexible payroll funding solutions for the staffing industry to help manage expenses and payroll-related costs.

Transportation & Freight Factoring

Use freight financing to receive payment immediately after load delivery and use the capital to find new loads and grow the business.

Manufacturers & Wholesale Distributors

Leverage invoice factoring to ensure a stable flow of cash to grow your manufacturing or distribution business.

Government Contracting

Fund the operational costs associated with doing business with the government using Accounts Receivable Financing.

IT Consulting

Use factoring to procure funding that supports business growth through employee acquisition, sales efforts, or other cash-based obligations.

Move Business Forward With Accounts Receivable Financing

Find out how other business leaders have used Accounts Receivable Financing to propel business forward.

Factoring Facility Helps Video Game Developer Make Millions

As an early-stage startup, this video game developer needed to staunch losses as a result of pre-revenue and launch costs. Factoring allowed the company to access capital without diluting the owners’ equity positions during a period of accelerated growth. 

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1.5M Factoring Facility Funded To Returning Client

An office products distributor is impacted by a bank buyout, losing access to their factoring solution. A former client, they return to First Business Bank to develop a $1.5M Accounts Receivable Factoring facility that brings their business through the disruption. 

Recent Deals Impacting Clients

Join your peers by adding your deal to the approved Accounts Receivable Financing list.

Ledgered Line Facility
Transportation Company
Factoring Facility
IT Cloud Service Provider
Factoring Facility
Transportation Broker

Remarkable Team

“I am very fortunate and it is a happy privilege to be part of the great Accounts Receivable Financing team at First Business Bank. The way this team cares for its clients and its coworkers is remarkable.”

Lana Fidelscaia
Vice President - Accounts Receivable Financing

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