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Commercial Lending

Where your growth strategy comes first.

This Is Commercial Lending, Evolved

Get the money you need to grow. Commercial lending services help you access funds, decrease expenses, and accelerate your business.

Funding For Business Growth
Procure funding to build new infrastructure and expand your business into new markets.
Immediate Access To Funds
Access available funds immediately and improve budget management with flexible plans.
Competitive Interest Rates
Choose between fixed or variable rates to achieve low monthly payments and long-term goals.
Personalized Lending Services

Customize your commercial loans to meet your growth targets and adapt for changing markets.

Efficient, Responsive Partnership

Explore commercial business loans with a partner who works quickly and diligently to deliver.

Commercial Lending Services

Take advantage of our experience and you’ll benefit from more than just a loan.

Lines of Credit

Improve cash flow with low monthly interest-only payments and increase line availability as your business grows.

Draw Notes

Depending upon the situation, draw notes feature financing with a flexible repayment plan that only gathers interest when the draw period is in place.

Term Loans

Budget easily and access interest rate options. Pay loans over a period of time for smoother cash flow.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Choose construction or mini-perm commercial real estate loans and enjoy low monthly payments.

Mezzanine Financing

Use a highly convertible mezzanine financing loan to leverage your assets for growth through our strategic business partner, Aldine Capital.

Standby Letters of Credit

Compare rate types and short-term options while simplifying budgetary management.

Documentary Letters of Credit

Minimize advance payments and increase cash flow using documentary letters of credit.

Business Credit Cards

Easily manage purchase cards and corporate credit cards online, create reports, and customize credit limits for every individual.

Get Cross-Industry Capabilities

As you might expect from a focused business bank, internally we share the latest industry updates through our industry practice groups. Our work spans for-profit and nonprofit business sectors. The data we gather and our experiences with our clients informs our guidance for clients in every industry.

Here are a few of the industries in which we're focused on, but the list is always growing. Connect with us to learn more about our experience in your industry.

Commercial Real Estate & Construction

Get the lending expertise you need to maximize your commercial real estate and construction portfolio.

Healthcare & Dentistry

Transform your organization with commercial lending services for healthcare providers.

Professional Services
From nonprofits to architecture firms, we support a plethora of organizations providing professional services.

From plastics to food & beverage, Commercial Lending fuels your business's growth and modernization.

Logistics & Distribution
Find commercial lending services to support logistics, distribution, and trucking.
Technology & Biotech

Use commercial lending to help grow your cutting-edge technology and services.

Achieving Success

“First Business Bank expects you to challenge yourself and set your goals high – that’s clear from day one. What is also clear is that they give you the tools to achieve them.”

Chase Kostichka
Vice President II – Commercial Real Estate Banking

chase kostichka
woman typing laptop

Fast Responses, Faster Process

This is integrity in action.

Prioritizing your business’ needs is central to our operational model and culture. Swift responses help you remain agile and adapt for every crisis and opportunity. 

Combine experience and creativity and you get a business bank that strives to give you peace of mind, deliver fast answers, and serve your long-term goals — all while helping your business grow.

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