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Private Banking

Get a higher level of attention for your sophisticated financial needs. Get started with our Private Banking accounts at First Business Bank.

Private Banking Accounts: This Isn't Basic Banking

With sophisticated finances and complex financial requirements, you need a Private Banking partner who provides a personal level of attention and offers advantages for those who work hard and play hard.


Get Your Own Expert Advisor

With a higher level of income comes increased complexity. Maximize your earnings with a client-focused, one-on-one approach to financial management.

Expect Better Service

Experience full-service Private Banking with a personal financial representative that exceeds your expectations at every level. We get it right every time — and deliver on our promises.

Access Immediate Answers

Get the answers you need wherever and whenever you need them. As your financial partner, we’re on hand to help you with every financial decision.

Our Private Banking Accounts are Designed For Your Life

Your finances deserve personal attention. Whether you own a business, receive funds from another source, or have a recent financial gain, you want a Private Banking relationship that addresses the complexity of your needs.

Priority Assessment

Make sure your financial portfolio is on track. Together, we assess your goals and priorities and make recommendations for how to best achieve them.

Wealth Action Plan

Using your priority assessment and our team’s recommendations, we collaborate to create a wealth plan, revisiting and revising to ensure your continued financial comfort.

Flexible Account Options

Use any one of our numerous Private Banking account options designed to meet your needs and tailored to your financial priorities.

Personal Financial Representative

Work with a team you know. While you do have a personal financial representative, the entirety of First Business Bank is at your service — ready to help you secure your wealth for the long term.
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You Deserve Customized, Responsive Private Banking

It pays to work hard.

You shouldn’t settle for a 1-800 number, nor should you expect a traditional banking establishment to adequately manage your complex assets and financial concerns to meet your high expectations. 

Private Banking with First Business Bank provides a superior level of service, designed to address the needs of those with a high net worth and managed by a knowledgeable and compassionate team of financial experts. When it comes to strategizing to maximize your wealth, you need banking that puts your needs first.

The Private Banking Experts Working To Help Maximize Your Time

Meet the seasoned Private Banking professionals who support your ambitious life and help you do more.

Discover Your Next Best Idea

Discover market analyses, articles, podcasts, and other resources to stay on top of the latest financial trends.
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We're Making Private Banking Personal

Work with an experienced banking team devoted to helping you optimize your finances and your time to live your dynamic life.