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Asset Liability Management (ALM)

Our Bank Consulting team at First Business Bank offers full comprehensive modeling solutions or plug-in consultation services with your existing model.

Improve ALM Efficiency and Save Time

Give your team the help it needs.

Get better financial results with a partner who runs scenarios, analyzes the results, and gives you expert recommendations. With a strategic and experienced ALM partner, you know your bank has the support it needs for whatever comes next.  

Save time and optimize ALM with an expert partner.

Asset Liability Management Models

In addition to deploying effective tools for measuring, monitoring, and managing Interest Rate Risk, Earnings at Risk and Liquidity Risk, quarterly ALM meetings are scheduled to ensure process continuation.

  • ALM Model Review
  • IRR Measurement
  • ALM Process Review
  • Investment Portfolio Analysis
  • ALM Strategy Implementation
  • Client & Board Education
  • Model Assumptions Review
  • Custom Reports & Analytics

Comprehensive Modeling Solution Created by Plansmith

Leverage the data behind improved ALM modeling, powered by Plansmith Financial Compass, and start saving time, reducing duplicate efforts, and gaining real-time insights into your Asset Liability Management system.

Model Testing

Start improving your ALM model’s performance. Put your Asset Liability Management system through back testing and stress testing.

Assumption Analysis
Utilize tiered client-controlled assumptions and apply those assumptions consistently to improve ALM system model reliability.
Complex Scenario Modeling

Execute parallel, non-parallel, and ramped interest rate scenarios. 

Instrument-Level Processing

Obtain accurate data for forecasting, planning, and data pattern modeling with an integrated instrument-level processing platform.

Multifaceted Analysis

Identify the economic value of equity, maturity GAP, and peer decay rate analysis. Use liquidity and capital analysis to inform decisions.

Make Strategic ALM Decisions

Strategic Insights Lead to Better Outcomes

It takes more than an algorithm to strategically manage your ALM process. Leverage our expertise to improve the accuracy of your analysis and reports — so you can start making a real impact on the bottom line.

The Financial Experts Guiding Your Asset Liability Management

Meet the people with expertise in optimizing Asset Liability Management so you can operate strategically now and well into the future.

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Explore reports, articles, and analyses on the latest economic trends and strategic operations from First Business Bank.

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Get Better Results With Asset Liability Management Modeling

Improve your Asset Liability Management with expert analysis and modeling.