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With competitive rates and flexible repayment plans, SBA lending helps your business grow and adapt — a necessity in a shifting economy. Acquire another business or real estate, improve your facilities, or buy equipment with Small Business Administration (SBA) loans backed by the government and secured by First Business Bank.

Improve cash flow and agility with an SBA Preferred Lender like First Business Bank. With smart small business experts on your side, you get real-time recommendations launching you towards smarter financial decisions — for you and for your business.

Transform Your Business With SBA Lending Services

Find an SBA loan with attractive terms to meet your every business need. Ready to apply for an SBA loan today?

504 Loan

Grow and develop your business with secure, fixed-rate financing. Use a 504 loan for fixed assets and related business growth costs, such as real estate purchases, property improvements, building construction, or equipment purchases.

7(a) Loan

Accelerate the growth of your new business with a predictable source of capital. Launch a new venture, access short- or long-term capital, or acquire new business with SBA 7(a) loans, preferred for their flexible repayment options and fixed-interest rates.

USDA Business & Industry

Improve and expand your rural business with USDA business and industry loans focused on saving and creating jobs in rural areas. Eligible businesses leverage USDA business loans to purchase land, refinance debt, and grow.

International Trade Loan Program

Develop your import business or modernize to compete against international markets with the International Trade Loan Program. Use these loans to develop new foreign markets, acquire working capital, or refinance existing loans.

Are You A Fit For SBA Lending?

Find an SBA loan with attractive terms to meet your every business need. 

2+ Years In Business
Established businesses with at least two years of operational experience get the most benefit from SBA lending services.
680+ Personal Credit Score
A history of successful money management helps you get the best rates and repayment options.
$100,000+ Annual Revenue
A solid revenue stream ensures you have the foundation to make SBA loans work for your business.

SBA Lending Helped These Businesses Adapt

No business should fall through the cracks. These leaders leveraged SBA Lending programs to launch and grow their businesses.

Manufacturer Buys Commercial Building With No Down Payment Funded By SBA 7(a) Loan

To build up equity in the business, a Utah manufacturing company wanted to buy a commercial building and move from its leased space. First Business Bank’s Top 100 SBA team structured an SBA 7(a) loan with favorable terms that required no down payment, allowing the manufacturer to hold on to more cash.

General Manager Buys Two Businesses With One $2.79 Million SBA 7(A) Loan

A general manager of a product supply company had the opportunity to buy the business, but there was a catch: He also needed to purchase its sister business, a consulting company in the same industry. First Business Bank’s expert SBA team structured an SBA 7(a) loan that allows the manager to buy both businesses and make this dream a reality.

Exceeding Client Expectations

"When I was presented the opportunity to buy out my partner, I started asking around in my community and found a local bank that claimed to make SBA loans. When I spoke to this bank, they were doubtful that I would get an SBA loan because our insurance agency didn't have physical assets. I was then referred to John Hanlon at First Business Bank who took me step-by-step through the SBA process, jumping through every hoop and over every hurdle. In the end, I was able to buy out my partner using an SBA loan. John and First Business Bank exceeded my expectations in every way!"

Suzanne McClain

Medicare Advisor, National United Medicare Advisors

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SBA 7(a) Loan
Vietnamese Restaurant
Commercial Real Estate Purchase

Exceeding SBA Expectations

"I love playing a part in helping small business owners realize their dreams. Each time an SBA loan I've worked on enables job creation, I know it has positively impacted lives and helped to fuel the U.S. economy."

Jerry Huynh
Managing Director - SBA Lending

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SBA Loan Collateral Requirements

Collateral requirements for SBA loans are more flexible than the average term loan. Read more SBA loan collateral to see
a modern kitchen

Case Study

SBA 7(a) Loan for Employee Buyout of Design & Manufacturing Company

An owner of a specialty kitchen products design and manufacturing company wanted to keep his business “in the family” by
three people meeting around a table and two of them are shaking hands

Case Study

SBA Loan Funds Time Sensitive Business Acquisition

A business owner of two very successful security alarm companies learned a leading competitor was retiring and selling his business.

Grow Your Small Business With SBA Lending

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