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Floorplan Financing

Responsive and reliable Floorplan Financing delivered by auto industry experts to elite independent car dealerships.

Grow Your Dealership With Floorplan Financing

Seize the benefits of bank Floorplan Financing for your dealership. Purchase more or upgrade your inventory, invest in your facility, reduce floorplan costs, and realize immediate profits — all by leveraging bank floorplanning today.

Graduate To A Bank

Get the competitive pricing and the benefits you’ve earned through hard work and savvy management. Partner with a bank instead of a subprime finance company.

Act Fast
Pivot or adapt without delay — our unprecedented responsiveness and smaller elite dealer portfolio means you get what you need right away.
Grow Your Business
Take your dealership to the next level by improving your overall cash flow, reducing floorplanning costs and increasing your inventory.
Save Time. No Need To Explain.

Benefit from our team’s 30 years of auto industry experience. We know the business and speak your language — put our unparalleled expertise to work for you.

Get A Long-Term Strategy
Access a team of bank floorplanning experts dedicated to your success. Get advice that always has your best interests at heart.
Partner With People Who Know Your Business

Move beyond subprime Floorplan Financing where you’re just an account number. Partner with a bank that provides concierge services for elite independent car dealers.

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Floorplan Financing Shouldn’t Come With A Call Center

Have a question? Need something urgently? Just want to talk?

Call, text, or email and immediately connect with someone who knows your dealership and the auto industry. With a responsive team on your side, you get access to timely service and relevant information to make better, faster decisions.  

Your dealership needs to act fast. Adapt to whatever comes next with a bank Floorplan Financing partner who knows your industry and puts your needs first. 

Dealership Switches, Gains More Than A Floorplan

After several years with a large floorplan provider, Ben Wheat, owner of Indy Wholesale Direct, determined his business needed to graduate to a bank floorplan that was more relationship-oriented and budget-friendly to achieve his business’s long-term goals.

See how they made the switch to First Business Bank’s floorplan program and how that's paying off in ways they did not expect.

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Our New Floorplanning Clients

Here are a few examples of our many satisfied clients.

Floorplan Line Of Credit
Independent Car Dealer
North Carolina
Floorplan Line Of Credit
Independent Car Dealer
Floorplan Line Of Credit
Independent Car Dealer
New Jersey

Floorplan Experts Who Care About Your Success

"I’m sure some dealers are nervous because they haven’t heard of First Business Bank or because they’re not a huge company. But I was one of those people, and I would tell you from my experience that these guys do really know what they’re doing. They made it really easy to switch. They have your best interests in mind and care about your overall success and the business. I don’t often give testimonials but I’m happy to give my referrals to them because everything they’ve ever told me is 100% true."

Ben Wheat

President, Indy Wholesale Direct

Unmatched Experience

"First Business Bank is committed to serving the floorplan needs of independent car dealerships nationwide. Our team's industry experience and high-touch service combined with the bank's resources provide an unmatched experience for independent dealerships."

John Goodyear
Vice President, Sales Manager
Floorplan Financing

Are You A Good Fit For Bank Floorplanning?

Find out if your dealership qualifies for First Business Bank’s floorplanning programs with some of our current requirements.

Equity in Inventory of 20%

Do you own at least 20% of your inventory?

Need a $500K+ Floorplan

Do you need a floorplan between $500K to $20M+?

Active Ownership of 5+ Years

Have you been in business for at least five years?

Quick Inventory Turns

Does your inventory turn at least four times/year or average 90 days or less?

Financially Sound
Is your business well-managed with strong financials?
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Which Floorplan Lender Fits Your Dealership?

When it comes to floorplans — loans that allows you to buy inventory — independent dealers have two distinct choices: finance companies and banks. One of the most critical factors in a dealership's long-term success is its relationship with its floorplan provider. Jeff Widholm, President - Floorplan Financing, wrote about the differences between finance companies and banks in the May 2021 issue of Used Car Dealer Magazine. 

"Jeff Widholm and John Goodyear have made the whole process super easy and straightforward. I would not hesitate to recommend First Business Bank to anyone."

Chris Henry

Manager, Indy Luxury Motorsports

Find Out More About Bank Floorplan Financing

Access our latest podcasts, articles, and reports for our latest advice about running your business effectively.
which type of floorplan lender fits your dealership


Which Type of Floorplan Lender Fits Your Dealership?

When it comes to floorplans, independent dealers have two distinct choices: finance companies and banks.


Floorplan Financing Fueled by First Business Bank’s Financial Performance and Top Workplace

Our customers rely on the fact our bank is well managed and financially sound. I'm very proud to relay our
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