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ALM Process Validation

An independent review of your bank’s ALM process is crucial to optimizing net earnings, growing equity, maintaining stability, and managing interest rate risk.

Maximize Your Bank’s Financial Performance

Make strategic decisions based upon accurate and reliable information.

Your ALM system is key to monitoring and managing Balance Sheet risk. But is it achieving what you anticipated? 

Our comprehensive process review provides your bank with the assurance that you are making informed decisions based on accurate and reliable information.

Maximize Your ALM Process With Expert Recommendations

After years of low interest rates and a relatively flat yield curve, the current changing rate environment and steeper yield curve have increased regulatory scrutiny on ALM models and assumptions. 

Make sure you have the reports and analysis you need to remain well-positioned in today’s fluctuating rate environments. 

ALM Policy Review

Make sure your controls appropriately reflect your bank’s risk appetite with an inclusive Liquidity, Contingent Funding, Investment, Capital, and ALM Policy Review.

Bank Governance & Risk

Review for proper bank governance of the risk analyzed in your model, including ALM reporting materials, ALCO minutes, and related committees.

ALM Model Controls & Assumptions
Evaluate the assumptions used in your model to ensure you know the actual risk inherent in your bank’s balance sheet.
Reports & Strategic Analysis
Analyze the outputs and results of your ALM model reports, including financial forecasts, IRR & EVE reports, GAP, and back and stress tests.

Reporting and Strategic Analysis

Remain agile. Obtain optimal returns.

Your ALM processes and policies, and the underlying assumptions you use, are critical to ensuring you are using accurate data to make decisions. Even small fluctuations can dramatically impact the reports you review. 


The Banking Industry Experts Analyzing & Verifying Your ALM Process

Meet the industry professionals well-versed in balance sheet management who validate your bank's Asset Liability Management process.

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Strengthen your ALM process with an independent review.