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Trust & Estate Administration

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Know With Certainty That Everything Is All Set

Trust and estate administration is complex. It involves prudent asset management, a network of reliable attorneys, and solid trust and estate planning expertise.

But more than that, it demands compassion. Your trust and estate administrator will work with you to gain a true understanding of your family dynamics. We hire the movers. We arrange estate sales. We pay the bills. We’re there to make sure everything is all set — so your family can focus on being together.

When it comes to the most difficult moments, our team is on a mission to get it right for you.

Simplify Complexity

For most individuals, your trust and estate administration is a complex network of assets, debts, and investments. You need a team that knows how to unravel those intricacies.

Protect Your Family

During life’s most challenging moments, you’ll want a partner that is there for you and your family. We know how to navigate family relationships and do right by you and yours.

Avoid Excess Fees

The fees for hiring individual attorneys and accountants and attending probate court add up. With an inclusive trust and estate administrator, you’ll know everything is taken care of — for you and your family.

Gain Financial Security

At the end of the day, protecting your wealth and family’s well-being is our top priority. Ensure every detail is professionally managed and know your financial portfolio is protected.

Exceed Fiduciary Standards

We’re held to a higher standard, fulfilling your intentions and acting as if your funds were ours. It’s a promise. 

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Your Trust Doesn’t Belong In A Call Center

This isn’t an 1-800 number. This is personal.

When it comes to the matters of your Trust and Estate Administration, you deserve authentic, real, and compassionate service. Our clients are our family — and we’ll be there — in-person for you and the people you love.

Trust & Estate Administration Services

With a comprehensive offering of personal trust, charitable trust, business owner trust, and estate settlement services — you’ll have confidence your trust and estate administrator will fulfill your every intention. 

Revocable Living Trusts

Ensure financial continuity, avoid probate, and protect your financial privacy with a living trust.

Special Needs Trusts

Promote the happiness, wellness, and development of your loved one with special needs without reducing actual or potential services.

IRA Trust Administration

Assign us as the acting trustee of your IRA so you can begin investing and maximizing your tax-deferred funds.


Bring impartiality and flexibility into potential guardianships by leveraging us as either a guardian of the estate or investment agent.

Estate Planning

Direct how and to whom your property — from a bank account to a business interest — will be distributed after your death.

Estate Settlement

Ensure your wishes are carried out in full in accordance with your wishes by naming us as your personal representative for estate settlement purposes.

Business Owner Estate Planning

Maximize business value, minimize taxes, and make sure your business transitions according to your wishes with business owner estate planning.

Charitable Trusts

Continue making an impact with your wealth while also claiming a tax-reduction by making a charitable gift or with a charitable trust.

Better Value, Better Service

Our seamless Estate Settlement process makes it easy.

Hiring an attorney, going through probate, finding an accountant — this takes time and the multiple fees add up. When you work with a professional and inclusive Trust & Estate administration partner, we take care of all the details for one transparent fee.  

When it comes to managing your assets and settling your estate, you deserve a team who knows how to deliver on a promise. That’s the team at First Business Bank.

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The Trust Advisors You Trust To Get It Exactly Right For You

Meet the seasoned experts helping you to secure peace of mind and your assets to your best advantage.

Talking To Children About Managing Wealth

Preserve your family's legacy by instilling financial literacy in your children. Did you know that 90% of wealthy families lose their wealth by the third generation? Start incorporating our practical strategies and age-appropriate methods today for impactful financial conversations.

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