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Choosing a trustee is one of the most important decisions you can make to protect your family and manage your wealth. We take the obligation of managing your assets and administering your trust very seriously. First Business Bank’s Private Wealth team provides a broad range of trust services for individuals. We can act as corporate fiduciary for your individual revocable and irrevocable trusts, estates, guardianships, charitable trusts, and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).

We work as an integral part of your professional team of advisors to help you fully realize your personal financial goals. As your trustee, we professionally and expertly deal with the investment, accounting, distribution, and tax reporting complexities of your trust. Our accessibility, stability, and expertise make us a trustee you can rely on with exceeding capabilities in Personal Trust Services, Charitable Trust Services, and Estate Settlement Services.

Trust & Estate Administration Services

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Personal Relationship

Our local presence means that you develop a personal relationship with your Trust Administration and Investment team. No matter the size of your relationship with us, you can expect a responsive, caring, and proactive team who knows you and your family, and offers the highest level of personalized service.

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Professional Administration

We administer your trust with expertise — handling accounting, recordkeeping, bill payment, fiduciary tax preparation, and making mandatory and discretionary distributions in accordance with the terms of your trust.

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Comprehensive Portfolio Management

First Business Bank's Private Wealth team manages your trust alongside your other assets so investment decisions can be made with your overall portfolio and personal priorities in mind.

Personal Trust Services

The list of trustee responsibilities is long and intricate. Assuring financial security for your family requires a trustee who will capably and prudently deal with the investment and administrative complexities of your trust. You can name First Business Bank as a trustee or successor trustee in your estate planning documents. We are pleased to work with you and your attorney when such services are requested. If we serve as trustee, you can use our investment services through a simple investment management agreement.

Our personal investment, administrative, and advisory services include:

Revocable Living Trusts
Special Needs Trusts
IRA Trust Administration

Charitable Trust Services

If you are currently making regular gifts to favorite charities, you may wish to continue to further the work of these organizations by including a charitable trust in your estate plan. First Business Bank can act as the corporate trustee on a wide variety of charitable trusts including:

• Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRATs/CRUTs)
• Charitable Lead Trusts (CLATs/CLUTs)
• Private Foundations

As trustee, First Business Bank provides regular trust accounting to all interested parties, prepares the fiduciary tax returns, invests and re-balances the underlying investment portfolio, makes discretionary distributions, and provides income tax charitable deduction calculations as needed.

We would be pleased to work with your accountant and attorney to determine how the Private Wealth team within First Business Bank can best be of assistance in designing and administering a customized plan that maximizes the financial benefit to you, your family, and the charities you care most deeply about.

View attachment below for more information on Charitable Trusts
• Charitable Trusts

Trust Services for Business Owners

Comprehensive trust services for business owners ensure that your succession plans are realized.

We are uniquely positioned to act as trustee when family businesses are placed in trust to allow family ownership to continue. We can be a critical factor in the effective estate and succession plans of a business owner seeking to maximize the value of their business, minimize taxes, and preserve family harmony.

Please consider asking your attorney how a trust could be helpful to your family’s business succession planning and contact us for ways in which we may be able to help in complex or unusual situations.

View attachment below for more information on Trust Services for Business Owners
• Estate Planning For Business Owners

Estate Settlement Services

Whether your estate passes to your heirs by will under probate, or passes to your designated beneficiaries by means of a revocable trust, certain administrative tasks are unavoidable. First Business Bank can help you with asset consolidation, accounting, determination of cost basis of estate assets, fiduciary tax returns, estate tax returns, payment of debts of the decedent, inventory preparation, beneficiary distributions, and other estate planning overview duties.

View attachments below for more information on Estate Settlement Services.
• Estate Planning Overview
• Estate Settlement

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