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Financial Planning

Set your priorities and stay on track with Financial Planning services.

Plan Your Financial Future

Understanding what you want to achieve and how you’re going to achieve it is key to reaching your goals. Financial Planning services help you accomplish your short- and long-term financial priorities.

Whether you plan to exit your business, set up a college fund, or ensure you have enough cash to comfortably live the lifestyle you want, Financial Planning is how you get there.


Put Your Plan On Paper
Document your assets and debts to better understand your financial situation to create a wealth plan designed to generate financial comfort.
Prioritize Your Financial Goals
What’s most important to you? Prioritizing your hopes and dreams improves your ability to attain them. Collaborate with us to formalize your priorities.
Optimize Your Wealth Plan
Leverage our innovative ideas and take advantage of financial programs. Trust our team — we’re here to do right by you.
Protect Your Family's Legacy
Ensure the hard work you do today lasts for generations to come. Use legacy planning to sustain the impact of your wealth beyond the present.
Relieve Financial Stress

Avoid the stress and anxiety of the unknown by partnering with Financial Planning experts who help you identify and achieve your priorities.

Create a Wealth Plan With Financial Planning Services

Approach the future with certainty. Document your financial situation, identify your priorities, and create a wealth plan that aligns to your goals.

Saving for Retirement

Identify what retirement, healthcare and insurance, and additional income sources will look like and build a plan to accommodate them.

Living in Retirement

Conserve your wealth and draft estate plans with retirement Financial Planning. Live the retirement of your dreams while we take care of the details.

Investing for Success

Create a well-defined plan that matches up with your goals. Leverage our expertise to make sure you have the right asset allocation and diversification strategy.

Borrowing with a Plan

Find the best borrowing options to reach your long-term goals without putting your future on hold.

Transferring My Wealth

Ensure your wealth and assets transition efficiently to the next generation. Protect your financial investments and the future of your family.

Managing My Health & Security

Make sure your life insurance, long-term care insurance, and personal security account for all of your needs as you move into retirement.

Exiting My Business

Create a strategy to exit your business by handing it down, selling, or turning it over. Ensure your hard work pays the dividends you and your family deserve.
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It Starts By Asking the Right Questions

Where am I now? Am I on track? What should I do?

As advisors, before we can help you achieve your goals, we must first understand your priorities.

With an understanding of what is important to you, we create a Wealth Plan and maintain ongoing dialogue, so you have the confidence to know you’re effectively managing your wealth and achieving both your short- and long-term goals.

Why Financial Planning Matters

The Wealth Advisors Helping You Plan For Each Personal Milestone

Meet the credentialed experts who help you create an individual Wealth Plan designed to achieve all the great things ahead.

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How We Make Sure We Get It Right

You talk, we listen.

Listening is a hard skill; in fact, most people only retain about 25% of what they hear. When your Financial Planning team misses 75% of what you say, they fail to identify your goals, your needs, and create a financial plan that truly works for you. 

That’s why active listening is an essential skill for everyone at First Business Bank. Stay on track to meet your Financial Planning priorities with a team that listens to understand and always acts to make a positive impact for you and your family.

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What Makes A Strong Financial Plan?

Are you unclear about what goes into a financial plan? Discover the key steps to a stable financial foundation, from managing assets to informed investing, and uncover answers to the 10 most common financial planning questions. Begin your journey to financial clarity today.

Find Out More About Financial Planning

Discover insightful analysis and reports related to Financial Planning and Private Wealth management.
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Secure Your Tomorrow. Start Financial Planning Today.

Identify your financial priorities — and live the life of your dreams — with Financial Planning support.