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Receivables Solutions for Treasury Management

Gain a more efficient process and optimize liquidity with receivables solutions.

Accelerate The Collection Of Receivables

Use technology and collection banking services to drive improved access to cash.

Make paying you easy and secure by leveraging a business banking partner well-versed in receivables solutions for Treasury Management. 

Improve Your Liquidity

Make sure you have access to the funds you need by collecting the funds you’re owed.

Optimize Operational Efficiency

Improve business efficiency and track receivables with optimized receivables management tools. 

Streamline The Collection Of Payments. Maximize Treasury Management.

Collect your payments securely and monitor receivables effectively by using strategic receivables solutions for Treasury Management.

Mobile Deposit

Collect payments or donations and review reports on the go using a secure mobile deposit platform.

Remote Deposit Capture

Use remote check capture technology to make it easy to collect paper check payments.

ACH Origination

Make it easy to send electronic payments to your business partners with ACH through a file upload or by managing templates within online banking.


Securely receive checks in a controlled environment and optimize bulk payments using a more secure, efficient, and accurate receivables solution.


Accelerate receivables and improve payment tracking for both domestic and international wire receipts with real time information reporting and alerts.

Merchant Services

Get proactive support from a dedicated relationship management who helps you with integrated technology and credit card acceptance.

Smart Pay Express

Accept donations or collect accounts receivable with Smart Pay Express through a link on your website and a secure, customized payment platform.

Get Paid Faster, Simplify Invoicing, & Track Payments

Now you can collect payment from anywhere at any time without a third-party app right through Business Online Banking. Just send a link to request a payment or send an invoice, all in our banking portal. Automated invoice and payment tracking keeps you up-to-date with your receivables at all times. Learn more about how this will benefit your own business.

The People Helping Your Business Get Paid Quickly & Securely

Meet the financial experts optimizing your receivables to support your business's growth.

Lockbox Gives You Secure, Efficient and Accurate Payments

First Business Bank’s lockbox banking solutions reduce your workload and convert receivables into cash quickly. Our wholesale and hybrid lockboxes feature same-day deposits and credits for customers’ payments, reducing the time and cost of transactions.

Outsource Processing

Reduce the workload of your team by outsourcing the processing of receivables. 

Capture Any Payment Volume

Whether you receive 50 or 50,000 items a month, Lockbox helps you capture every payment. 

Reduce Risk of Theft

Gain visibility into incoming payments that arrive in a controlled environment.

Leverage Dual Controls

Maximize security by ensuring you have dual controls — without having to pay to have two people in the same place. 

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Tips To Improve Accounts Receivable Collections

Efficient collection of accounts receivable can bolster your cash position and give you access to those funds quickly. This can
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Managing Payment Fraud Risk

Any method your business uses to pay a vendor can be intercepted or manipulated to commit fraud.


What Is Treasury Management?

With specific banking and cash management solutions, an experienced Treasury Management team helps your company profit from liquidity, protect your

Make Collecting Payments Simple

Reduce the friction of receivables and improve collections with receivables solutions for Treasury Management.