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Consent to receive eNotices

To complete enrollment in First Business Bank’s electronic documents service, you must consent
to receive electronic records by clicking on the “I Agree” button. This consent applies to the
following record categories: account statements and bills, service charge statements, certificate
of deposit (CD) maturity and renewal notices, account disclosure updates or changes, loan
notices or statements, annual required mailings, and certain other records that we may provide to
you from time to time (collectively “eNotices”).

By enrolling in eNotices and electing to receive eNotices electronically, you will no longer receive
paper documents to the extent your accounts offer eNotices. By consenting to enroll, you also
elect to receive electronic delivery of eNotices for your accounts that do not currently offer
electronic delivery but that will in the future. Until eNotices are available for these accounts, you
will continue to receive paper copies of the above notices and documents via postal delivery.

You will receive an email notice when your statements are available, and can view them on-line
by logging into Business Internet Banking (“BIB”) or Consumer Electronic Banking (“CEB”), as

Account Statements, Transaction Confirmations, Regulatory Documents and Inserts
Business and personal Money Market Accounts that do not have transaction activity in the
previous three (3) months will receive quarterly account statements until new transaction activity
occurs resulting in monthly account statements. An email alert will be sent notifying you that a
new online statement is available for one or more accounts. Account statements will be
available online for a minimum of 18 months after delivery and can be saved to and/or printed
from your personal computer.

From time-to-time and when required by law, we will send you electronic links to regulatory
documents. Regulatory documents may include, but are not limited to, privacy notices, or
changes in terms and conditions.

Security Information
All statement and account information is maintained on a secure site and can only be reached by
logging in to your account online. All personal and business financial information that you submit
to us via internet banking or secure email is encrypted and sent to us via Secure Sockets Layer
(SSL) using at least 128-bit encryption. E-mail notification that your eNotices are ready for review
will be unencrypted and will not contain any account number(s) or any other personal financial
information. You assume the entire risk for any fraudulent or unauthorized use of your Codes,
User ID or password, excepting only those losses directly resulting from the gross negligence or
intentional misconduct of First Business Bank, its employees or agents. Please refer to
commercially reasonable security procedures on our website at www.firstbusiness.com.

E-mail Notifications and Account Access
We will notify you by e-mail when the eNotice(s) is available for review. The e-mail notification will
not include any confidential information. You may only access eNotices by logging into your
account online.

The Administrator for BIB online access must enroll any users that have the authority to access
account estatements. Any authorized person designated by the Master Internet Banking and
Treasury Management Services Agreement or set up as a user by the Administrator shall have
authority to eNotices on your account, even though that person’s authority to view account
statements and documents may not be designated in the Account Agreement or Company
Resolution as signed at account opening.

Delivery Considerations
To enroll in eNotices, you must have access to a personal computer with e-mail software and
appropriate browser software (such as the most current version of Microsoft Internet Explorer),
access to the Internet, e-mail access, and a valid e-mail address. To print an estatement or other
eNotice, you must have access to a printer. After logging in, you will be able to view, print, store,
or download your eNotices.

E-mail Address Changes
If you change your e-mail address after you have enrolled in eNotices, it is your responsibility to
update your e-mail address by clicking on the “Administration (Self administration)” tab and
clicking on “Personal Preferences tab” to make the change.

Duration and Withdrawal of Consent
Your consent will be effective indefinitely, unless you withdraw consent or we revoke consent and
notify you of the revocation. You may withdraw your consent to receive eNotices at any time by
logging in to your internet banking account and changing the document preference back to paper
documents. You may also notify us in writing at the address below and indicate that you would
no longer like to receive eNotices. You understand that you will continue to receive eNotices until
we have processed withdrawal or revocation of your consent. This process will usually be
completed within seven (7) business days, but under certain circumstances may require
additional time. You may contact us as indicated below to request a paper copy of any document
while we process withdrawal or revocation of your consent.

Right to Receive Paper Documents
As part of the eNotices enrollment process, you may elect to receive a duplicate paper copy of
your periodic statement in addition to an electronic copy. You may also request a duplicate paper
copy of any other document you receive electronically through eNotices by calling us at 1-608-
232-5938. A fee may apply for any duplicate paper copies you request. We reserve the right to
send you paper copies of any documents or notices that you have consented to receive
electronically or that are not available electronically and to discontinue eNotices to you at any

Your Consent
By clicking on the “I Agree” button, you (i) consent to electronic delivery of eNotices, (ii) represent
that you have read, understand, agree to, meet, and will continue to meet, all the terms and
conditions above, (iii) agree that you are providing the legal equivalent of your handwritten
signature, and (iv) agree to print and/or save a copy of this consent for your records.

First Business Bank Contact Information:
First Business Bank
401 Charmany Drive
Madison, WI 53719


Consumer Bill Payment clients may see a one-time pop up message when accessing the Bill Payment section of Online Banking informing you about heightened Virtual Card payment security.

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Access to our Remote Deposit Capture system is intermittently unavailable; users may not be able to access it at this time. We are working to restore access as possible. If you have questions, please contact us at:

  1. Wisconsin Region: 608-232-5938
  2. Kansas Region: 913-717-6464