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Enlighten Magazine - Issue 1

Discover insights from Enlighten, also a semi-annual print magazine, developed by First Business Bank's Private Wealth team. Each edition features articles with wealth-building tips and techniques, offering strategies and stories to help you achieve your own idea of financial success.

Empowering Women with Financial Knowledge and Advice

We’re very proud and excited to bring you this inaugural issue of Enlighten, our semi-annual publication from First Business Bank's Private Wealth team.

In this issue, we’ve collected our experts to discuss popular financial considerations affecting women of all ages. We sat down with Jan Eddy, notable entrepreneur and angel investor. She discusses her experience as a startup executive in tech, how she balanced time between work and home, and why she began investing in fledgling companies.

A Collection of Resources on Women’s Perspectives on Business, Investing, and Retirement

conversation with jan eddy

A Conversation With Jan Eddy

As a tech entrepreneur in the early 80s, Jan Eddy faced obstacles building her businesses and...
man planning

Preparing For Divorce And Financial Concerns

When seeking a divorce, you should become familiar with the major topics: legal fees, marital property versus separate property, alimony, debt, retirement plans, property settlement...
female students

Paying For College & Higher Education

For many families, paying for college and higher education costs is confusing and overwhelming as the price of a traditional, four-year college education seems to have no limit.
organizing finances

Organizing Your Finances After Your Spouse Has Died

The death of a loved one can be a very difficult time, made harder by a seemingly endless list of things to do.

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