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Enlighten Magazine - Issue 5

Discover insights from Enlighten, also a semi-annual print magazine, developed by First Business Bank's Private Wealth team. Each edition features articles with wealth-building tips and techniques, offering strategies and stories to help you achieve your own idea of financial success.

How to Adapt and Thrive in a World of Change and Innovation

In this issue of Enlighten, we focused on opportunities and positives that emerge from times of Change & Innovation. For our feature article, we spoke with Laurie Benson & Kent Lorenz, two parent-company board directors who embrace change while guiding their teams to do the same.

A Collection of Articles on Embracing Change and Security

Protect Your Identity And Your Finances From Data Breaches

You can count yourself lucky if you haven't experienced the unease of receiving a notice regarding a data...

The Changing Client Experience

When I started working with individuals and families over 20 years ago, the experience for clients and...

The Legacy Of Your Digital Assets

While the conveniences of online accounts are impossible to ignore, most of us have significant holes in...

Five Tips For Choosing A Password Manager

First of all, let me emphasize that it’s vitally important to avoid reusing passwords across your logins to...
managing workforce

Managing A Remote Workforce

This episode of the First Business Bank Podcast discusses strategies for managing a remote workforce and working...
manage employees

5 Techniques To Help Manage Remote Employees

At First Business Bank and in my prior work life, I have had the opportunity to manage employees or teams who work in different locations.

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