INDIANAPOLISIN. — December 8, 2020 – First Business is pleased to announce a new agreement with ACV Auctions to offer Floorplan Financing through ACV Auctions' digital auction site. The partnership allows independent used car dealers who have earned competitive pricing and upscale service to purchase inventory through ACV Auctions with their First Business floorplan.

“Our team is thrilled that First Business clients can now floorplan their auction purchases directly through ACV Auctions, one of the largest and most popular digital wholesale car auctions in the world,” says Jeff Widholm, Managing Director of First Business Floorplan Financing services. “ACV Auctions also believes in a quick, efficient client experience, aligning with our team’s goals.”

First Business’s Floorplan Financing services offers independent car dealers the flexibility to finance their used car purchases, preserving cash flow and allowing them to buy preferred inventory. Floorplanning programs are available from $500,000 to $10 million for larger, well-established independent car dealers. This limited focus, a hallmark of First Business’s business model, facilitates a smaller clientele than large competitors, empowering personalized concierge service.

Floorplan Financing services are offered through First Business Equipment Finance, LLC, a subsidiary of First Business Bank. The offices are located at 9465 Counselors Row, Suite 200, Indianapolis, IN 46240; phone 844-418-2493 for more information.

About First Business
First Business Financial Services, Inc., is a Wisconsin-based bank holding company, focused on the unique needs of businesses, business executives and high net worth individuals. First Business offers commercial banking, specialty finance and private wealth management solutions, and because of its niche focus, is able to provide its clients with unmatched expertise, accessibility and responsiveness. For additional information, visit

About ACV Auctions
ACV Auctions is the leading, digitally native wholesale automotive marketplace in the country bringing unparalleled trust and transparency to the buying and selling of used vehicles. Through ACV, cars are bought and sold in a 20-minute digital auction allowing dealers to buy and sell cars from anywhere with greater ease and transparency. Thousands of dealers from across the country bid on the vehicles daily, garnering the most value for the vehicle. ACV Auctions has the largest team of inspectors nationwide with the most respected and extensive inspection experience in the industry, equipped with technology that allows cars to be inspected from virtually anywhere, whether they’re in a driveway or dealer lot. To learn more, visit