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Greater Dane County 2021 Business Statistics & Trends Survey Results

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The COVID-19 pandemic took a toll on Greater Dane County businesses in 2020, but many area executives are optimistic about 2021, according to results of First Business Bank’s Business Statistics & Trends Survey. In a discussion about the 18th annual economic survey results, Mark Meloy, CEO of First Business Bank, speaks with Tara Conger, President of QTI Group, Nathan Herbst, CEO of Paradigm, Mike Victorson, CEO of M3 Insurance, Nancy Johnshoy, First Business Bank’s Market Strategist, and Jim Hartlieb, President of First Business Bank, about their reactions to local business performance and their experience within their own industries. The discussion focuses on:

• Greater Dane County business performance in 2020 and projections for 2021
• Hiring and wage trends
• Primary reasons cited for below-expected and above-expected business performance
• Industry differences within the local business landscape

A full copy of the First Business Bank’s Business Statistics & Trends Survey results can be found on our website .


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