After losing a spouse, survivors are often faced with many tasks and financial decisions while in the throes of grief. In the first thirty days, you’ll need to review life insurance, contact Social Security, contact your attorney about your estate plan or will, and call your bank or Trust Advisor. What’s important to do soon and what can wait? How can pre-planning help in this time of unprecedented emotional turmoil?

In this episode of the First Business Bank podcast, our experienced Trust Advisors discuss:

  • Lessons learned that our clients wish they’d known ahead of time
  • What needs to be done right away and what can (and should) wait
  • The importance of organizing your finances
  • How a corporate trustee works, and more

Learn more about how to manage your finances after losing a spouse in this episode of the First Business Bank Podcast. Hear from seasoned experts on First Business Bank’s Private Wealth team who work to help clients navigate difficult situations to secure their continuing financial strength.