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Exiting My Business

Evaluate the challenges and opportunities that exist when planning business succession.

Create Future Opportunities With Your Business

Your business is one of your most valuable assets, so your business succession plan must continue growing your wealth after you exit your business. Choose a Private Wealth expert who will look at every detail to ensure your needs are put first.

Gain Expert Advice

Preserve and grow your wealth with a bank that has decades of experience helping high net worth individuals like you.

Protect Your Interests

Succession planning is more than simply passing on your assets. Your Private Wealth advisor will help you create a financial plan that protects you and your family against future risks.

Transition With Confidence

Change can be difficult. We work closely with business owners to help them prepare for this transition so they'll be confident about the future of their business.

Protect Your Life’s Work With Business Succession Planning

Your business reflects your hard work and careful financial decisions over the years. Work with a dedicated Private Wealth expert to maximize the value of your business and secure your retirement. Don’t walk away from your business without a plan.

Perform a business valuation

Learn the market value of your business and identify opportunities for expansion, financing, sale, or merger.

Plan for liquidity events

Let your financial advisor examine the value of your business and find effective ways to maximize the personal value you receive in a liquidity event.

Have Confidence in Your Buy-Sell Agreements

Be prepared to fund any buy-sell agreement by having sufficient liquidity and insurance policies you can use on short notice.

Prepare for personal and business risks

Our expert team will work closely with you to build a successful contingency plan in the event of departure, disability, or death of a business partner.

Every business needs a succession plan

Your business is complex and unique. Prioritize your and your family’s needs and avoid common missteps with a well-thought-out business succession plan. 

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The Business Transition Experts Who Help Smooth The Process

Meet the people who've helped countless business owners exit their businesses and achieve their priorities.

Get Expert Advice With Enlighten

Explore the latest digital issue of our semi-annual magazine for the industry’s leading insights and analysis. 

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Learn About Exiting Your Business & More

Access our team's latest podcasts, articles, and more resources to help you navigate business transitions and other challenges and opportunities.

Gain a Lifetime of Benefits with Careful Business Succession Planning

Work with an experienced Private Wealth team who will help you protect everything you have worked for and ensure a smooth transition out of your business and into your dream retirement life.