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Planning for retirement as it draws closer looks different for each of our clients. With your objectives in mind, we evaluate your plan based on your family’s individual situation, make suggestions drawing from our vast experience, and determine when you can retire. We also address insurance, other sources of income such as Social Security and investments, and visit estate planning.

pre-retirement preservation

Within about five years of your previously estimated retirement date, our meetings with clients shift focus to consider wealth distribution and planning for your life beyond your career. We field questions from clients such as:

• How much will I need to fund my retirement objectives?

• How will pay for healthcare-related costs after I retire?

• Should I consider a long-term care policy?

• I don’t want to lose what I’ve accumulated, but I am also concerned about rising costs. What’s an appropriate investment asset mix?

• When should I apply for Social Security? How can I best maximize those payments?

• If I retired tomorrow what would my retirement cash flow look like? Will it last? Have I saved enough if I am diagnosed with dementia?

• How can I provide for elderly parents?

When our clients are approaching retirement, they don’t want any surprises. Our experienced Financial Planning experts help you consider all potential angles to cover contingencies and provide the kind of exclusive retirement you and your family deserve.


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