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Grace Guy

Senior SBA Loan Closer - SBA Lending

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Grace Guy

About Grace

With robust experience in SBA Lending, Grace brings over eight years of specialized experience to her role at First Business Bank as Senior SBA Loan Closer. With prior roles in SBA Lending at Live Oak Bank and Newtek, Grace enjoys working to smooth loan closure processes and using her experience to deftly handle SBA Loan closing details, She is proud to support small businesses through her financial expertise and is dedicated to delivering excellence in SBA Lending.

Originally from Wilmington, North Carolina, Grace graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington, where she pursued studies in business administration and marketing. Outside of her professional life, Grrace enjoys the coastal lifestyle with her husband and their three cats. They share a love for travel, boating, and making the most of living in Wilmington.

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Collateral Requirements of SBA loans

Collateral requirements for SBA loans are more flexible than the average term loan. Read more here to see if an
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Case Study

Satisfied Client Expands with Fourth SBA Loan for Franchise Purchase

Two Wisconsin entrepreneurs own three existing franchise retail businesses across the Midwest featuring a loyal customer base.
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Growing Your Business With SBA Loans

SBA loans provide crucial funding for businesses when conventional lending avenues might be closed. By understanding and leveraging the opportunities