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Every Day is Data Privacy Day

By Dawn Wilcox, Senior Director of IT Security & Compliance

When you were a child, did you ever innocently ask on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day: “When is Kid’s Day?” Which, inevitably, provoked the response: “Every day is Kid’s Day!”wilcox

Even though Data Privacy Day is technically every January 28, it’s actually like “Kid’s Day,” – we should all be mindful of protecting our data on a daily basis. Originally started in Europe as “Data Protection Day,” Data Privacy Day in the U.S. educates consumers and businesses about safeguarding their data to avoid falling prey to fraudsters.

As the head of IT Security at First Business Bank, it’s my daily pursuit to improve our data protection, and one of the best resources I’ve found on the topic is the StaySafeOnline website, run by the National Cyber Security Alliance.

As everything migrates online, the topic of protecting your data touches many facets of our lives. And, sadly, many people don’t think about the potential consequences of public data until after they become victims. Back in the day, burglars scanned obituaries to find out when a family’s house might be empty, and now they follow social media accounts to see when you’re on vacation and vulnerable.

I recommend you bookmark StaySafeOnline.org and start with their “Securing Key Accounts and Devices” page, which is a great place to start to improve your data security in your business, home, and your personal accounts. It covers:

  • What to do if your email account is hacked
  • How to protect your home network
  • How to enable strong authentication
  • What to do about social media
  • When to enable parental controls, and many more.

It can be overwhelming to tackle all of these items, so create a plan to look at them one by one, and routinely revisit the best practices. The data protection industry is moving as quickly as it can to stay ahead of fraudsters, and by building in regular reviews, you’ll have the best chance of protecting yourself, your business, and your family.


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