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Cybersecurity Awareness: Password Managers

Your password is the key to your account, your information, and your digital life. In the wrong hands, these keys can cause heartache and headache, and they might even cost you or the company money. A password best practice is to not use the same password for all of your accounts or at least not the same password for your critical accounts like your network account, bank account, etc. The reason for this? A hacker knows that if he can break into a social media account and get a user’s password, that many times this same password will work for a bank account or other critical account.

What can you do? First: Never write down your passwords, and never store them in your browser.

Second: Use a different, strong password for each of your critical accounts.

Third: Utilize a password manager to store all of your passwords. A password manager allows you to remember only one strong password to access all your passwords. Password managers have strong encryption and can even randomly generate a strong password for each unique account you log into if you like. Please take a moment to consider this information. If you have questions, please be sure to contact your organization’s IT department for assistance.



Consumer Bill Payment clients may see a one-time pop up message when accessing the Bill Payment section of Online Banking informing you about heightened Virtual Card payment security.

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