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A Mission of Honor

Written by Dave Shaw, Senior Vice President - Wealth Advisor

Written by Dave Shaw, Senior Vice President

Forty-five years ago my brother, Thomas Shaw, and another young officer, Jim Crigler, were roommates during the Vietnam War. They made a brotherly pact to accompany each other’s remains should either of them die in combat. Sadly, this was the first time I ever met Jim—in 1972, escorted by a priest, Jim helped my family absorb the news that my brother valiantly died in the war.

Now Jim is spreading the word, supporting veterans and Gold Star families who lost a loved one in a war. Paddling the Mississippi River over two months after writing a book about his experience in Vietnam, Jim is raising money through donations and also through the sales of his book. I was honored to be featured alongside Jim in this piece produced by WISC-TV3 about Jim’s mission. Please visit www.missionofhonor.org for more information. Veterans, Gold Star families, and my family thanks you.

1 comment on “A Mission of Honor”

  1. Bob Spear

    November 10, 2017 at 10:37 pm

    Hi Dave. I remember you as the best player we played against in 73-77 at Illinois Wesleyan. I am not surprised at your success off the court, as you were a class act in competing with us. I wish that in those days we interacted/congratulated each other after the games…so many games to not connect after.

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