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Fraud Prevention Solutions

Step up your business fraud protection with the latest fraud prevention tools in banking from First Business Bank.

Helping You To Prevent Fraud At Your Business

Reducing the risk of fraud at your organization requires a multi-layered approach, including the latest fraud prevention solutions from First Business Bank.

The increase in frequency and sophistication of cyber fraud means you need a financial partner invested in helping you build a comprehensive fraud protection plan. That’s why we offer a range of fraud prevention solutions and best practices designed to empower you to focus on growing your business without disruption.

Need to report fraudulent charges, or a lost or stolen card? Call your local office immediately.

Preventing Fraud With The Latest Technology

With several fraud prevention solutions available to monitor and protect your accounts and payments in multiple ways,  you’ll have better visibility and control over potential fraudulent activity. And prevent it from happening.

SecurLOCK™ Equip

Sign up and start using your smartphone to control how, when, and where your debit card is used.

ACH Positive Pay

Prevent unauthorized electronic payments with ACH (Automated Clearing House) electronic filtering fraud protection.

Account Reconciliation

Use customized account reconciliation for business payments to save time, minimize errors, and prevent fraud.

Positive Pay

Electronically upload your check file for all written checks with First Business Bank and receive email alerts about any discrepancy.
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Get The SecurLOCK™ Equip Mobile App

Once you have a First Business Bank debit card, you can use the SecurLOCK™ Equip mobile app to manage and monitor your payment transaction history. 


How SecurLOCK™ Equip Mobile App Works

Using the app, you have complete control over how, when and where your debit card is used. Stop fraudulent transactions and start improving your card security. 

Download App

After you download the app, enter your full account number and authentication information. Once registered, you can begin using the app immediately. 

Turn Card On & Off

The red or green button in the top right corner of your card image indicates card status. Turn the card off when not in use and turn it on to make a purchase — it’s that simple.

Select Geographic Locations

Do you typically use your business debit card in specific locations? Identify where your card will be used and decline out-of-region purchases before they happen.

Set Merchant Categories

Select the merchant locations you are likely to use and use card-not-present controls to simplify payments. 

View Recent Transaction History

Monitor your last 50 transactions in the app for thirty calendar days. With your transaction history, you can see where your card was used and what controls applied.

Get Real-Time Alerts

Set your smartphone to your primary device in-app and determine what notifications you’d like to receive, from all payment transactions to just preferred transactions.

Ask A Question

Want to learn more or have a question?  Contact your local office today.

Prevent Unauthorized Payments with ACH Positive Pay

Scammers use debit card data and your personal information, gathered from the dark web and other hacking resources, to conduct unauthorized payments and engage in check fraud. ACH Positive Pay is another way to help prevent these prevalent attacks.

  • Block ACH debits from an account
  • Create filter lists for pre-authorized ACH debits
  • Verify unlisted ACH debit attempts online
  • Add or delete authorized ACH transactions 

Use ACH Positive Pay and protect your debit account today. 

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Reduce Potential Check Fraud with Payee Positive Pay

Combat check fraud proactively with Payee Positive Pay for businesses. Payee Positive Pay acts as an early  warning fraud detection system, giving you the information you need to stop check fraud before it happens. 

Electronically upload check files for all written First Business Bank checks, get alerts for any anomalies, and access online exception decision making with real-time check fraud monitoring.

Simplify Account Reconciliation

Prevent honest errors and real fraud from occurring. Using Business Online Banking — easily integrated with Positive Pay solutions — Account Reconciliation eases error resolution and reduces time spent reviewing posted items. 

Choose the level of reconciliation you need to improve efficiencies, save time and money, and prevent common fraud risks. 

Full Account Reconciliation

Get complete visibility into transactions with a file download of all account activity, including checks, ACH debits and credits, wire transfers, and paper deposits.

Partial Account Reconciliation

Monitor all cleared checks with a file download from First Business Bank that helps you deal with the exceptions, rather than every posted item.


Use deposit-based account reconciliation and receive a file download of all deposits, enabling improved reconciliation for your internal teams.

Dedicated to Fraud Prevention

Fraud prevention takes a shared commitment to your financial security. At First Business Bank, our financial security experts work in tandem with you to help you protect your personal financial information and other assets.

Fraud Prevention Starts with Strong Security Controls

Fraud prevention resources are most effective when combined with strong security protocols within your business.

Visit the Security Center and review the Security Procedures that, when practiced, reduce the risk of financial fraud, or reach out to your First Business Bank Relationship Manager to help you stay on top of the latest fraud prevention best practices for your business.

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Stay Informed. Here’s the Latest.

Protect your financial data with strong security procedures and a banking partner who makes security and fraud prevention a priority.

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