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A Guide To Business Succession Planning

Enlighten Magazine - Issue 10

Discover insights from Enlighten, also a semi-annual print magazine, developed by First Business Bank's Private Wealth team. Each edition features articles with wealth-building tips and techniques, offering strategies and stories to help you achieve your own idea of financial success.

Insights To Plan Your Business Exit Strategy

As Baby Boomers continue to exit their businesses, articles from this issue of Enlighten explore critical aspects of business succession. Discover expert insights and timely strategies for a seamless transition, whether you're planning a sale in the near or distant future. Our specialists delve into maximizing valuation, weighing succession types, navigating high interest rates, and building a company with a successful sale in mind.

A Collection of Articles on Business Succession

How Chief Investment Officer Matt Rice Brings Value To Private Wealth Clients

Matt Rice, the Chief Investment Officer at First Business Bank, shares how his experience and vision will help you achieve your financial goals.
Two individuals shaking hands across a table with documents, a pen, and a model house, indicating a property deal or agreement.

Start Your Company With Business Succession In Mind

By some estimates, between 25% and 30% of private companies have a succession plan, meaning the majority do not...
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Maximize The Value Of Your Business As You Prepare To Sell

Preparing to sell your business is a complex undertaking that demands careful planning and strategic execution.
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How High Interest Rates Impact Selling A Business

High interest rates can significantly reshape the dynamics and outcomes of selling a company in today’s competitive market.
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Exploring Business Succession Strategies To Preserve Wealth

Business succession planning is a critical aspect of ensuring the long-term sustainability and prosperity of your business.
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How Business Advisory Services Can Help You Achieve Business Goals

We often hear from business owners and executive leaders that viewing their business’s operations from a banker’s lens is helpful in many ways.

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