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Planning For Retirement

Enlighten Magazine - Issue 3

Discover insights from Enlighten, also a semi-annual print magazine, developed by First Business Bank's Private Wealth team. Each edition features articles with wealth-building tips and techniques, offering strategies and stories to help you achieve your own idea of financial success.

Expert Advice On Creating An Effective Retirement Strategy

Like many milestones in life, retirement is often difficult to picture until you achieve it. And even when you have a concrete plan, waking up on your very first day of retirement can look completely unlike what you ever expected. In this issue of Enlighten, we cover retirement from all angles, so we hope you’ll find it interesting regardless of your career journey.

A Collection Of Articles On Planning For Retirement

Senior couple going over documents with a financial planner

SECURE Act 2.0: How Does It Affect You?

The SECURE Act 2.0 was passed as part of an omnibus spending bill in December 2022, setting up further
transition to retirement

Transitioning Into Retirement

If you’re considering retirement within the next five years or so, you’re in the retirement “zone.” This is...
happy senior couple using computer while having a meeting with real estate agent

How To Accurately Calculate Social Security Income For Retirement

When you’re planning for retirement, figuring out how much you’ll receive from Social Security is an important...
people working on a laptop

Estimating Your Retirement Income Needs

The quick onset of market volatility due to COVID-19 has taught us that having a financial plan, periodically...
important things to think about when saving for retirement

Important Things To Think About When Saving For Retirement

Whether retirement is 40 years from now or right around the corner, the thought of getting to the proverbial...
ask an expert about retirement

Ask An Expert About Retirement

As one of the few current First Business Bank employees who has been with the company for over 20 years...
Article: Catching Up with Jerry & Donna Smith in Retirement

Catching Up With Jerry & Donna Smith In Retirement

Like many milestones in life, retirement is often difficult to picture until you achieve it.
tim v

Focusing On Fundamentals Reaps Rewards

Before transitioning to banking, as a lawyer, part of my law practice over many years involved representing...

Retire With Confidence

When you work with experts who get to know your priorities, there's no question whether you're financially ready to live the retirement you've always wanted. First Business Bank's Private Wealth team helps you protect your retirement dreams and plan for the unexpected.