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Enlighten Magazine - Issue 6

Discover insights from Enlighten, also a semi-annual print magazine, developed by First Business Bank's Private Wealth team. Each edition features articles with wealth-building tips and techniques, offering strategies and stories to help you achieve your own idea of financial success.

Expert Advice on Family Finance and Wealth Management

Matters surrounding our families are a natural fit for our team because family is top of mind within every client relationship. Protecting wealth, retiring well, investing for the future — your personal financial goals most often benefit your families. We hold our responsibilities in the highest regard because your family members are so important in your lives, and we hope you find value in this issue of Enlighten.

In this issue, our Private Wealth team focuses on families and finance with articles that include our experts' insights about receiving an inheritance, raising fiscally responsible children, paying for higher education, structuring generational philanthropy, and more. It offers valuable perspectives for families looking to secure their financial futures across generations.

A Collection of Articles on Family and Wealth, Managing Inheritances, and Strategies on Paying For Higher Education

How To Raise Fiscally Responsible Children

It’s never too early to start helping kids understand the importance of financial literacy. Only about 60%
A one dollar bill jigsaw puzzle.

Managing An Inheritance: What To Do With A Windfall

While receiving an inheritance might seem positive, consider that statistics show nearly one in three Americans...

Strategies For Paying For Higher Education

With higher education costs increasing every year, many families find it difficult to imagine how they...

Generational Philanthropy: Sharing The Wealth

Charitable giving is one of the best ways for people to support the causes that matter to them.

Helping You Protect & Grow Your Hard-Earned Wealth

Whether you're funding higher education, organizing your estate plan, planning your retirement, or looking for investment strategies, First Business Bank's Private Wealth team listens to your priorities and helps you put a plan into action for peace of mind.