First Business Bank

Photo Booth



Keep the cardboard box the booth is shipped in for return shipping.

  1. Power on the iPhone (it may need charging, depending on whether the last person shut it down properly or not) and unlock it with this PIN: 322123 (FBB123)
  2. Connect the phone to your home wifi.
  3. Watch the video above for instructions on how to take your photos.
  4. The phone will spend some time uploading those photos to the pre-connected iCloud account.
  5. When your photos are there, reach out to marketing requests to confirm that the pictures are available before you shut everything down.
  6. Once we confirm that the photos have been uploaded, and you’re done taking pictures, please power off the phone and follow the instructions in the video on how to disassemble the materials.
  7.  There will be a return label included with the shipment. Please remove previous shipping labels, affix the provided label to the outside of the box, and bring to your desired UPS store for return.