For every 100 men promoted to a manager-level position, only 86 women are promoted, according to the Women in the Workplace 2021 report by and McKinsey. This disparity, the “broken rung,” leads to far fewer women available to fill executive leadership roles. So, what does it take to get there?

This episode of the First Business Bank Podcast features three female board directors of First Business Financial Services Inc., the holding company of First Business Bank, talking about their personal routes to success at the top in business. Respected women leaders in insurance, accounting, technology, health care, and the nonprofit world, they discuss:

  • Recognizing and seizing opportunities
  • Leveraging and cultivating strengths
  • Lessons learned leading a business
  • Advice for women to succeed in leadership roles
  • Building a network and working with mentors
  • Asking for help and believing in yourself

Part of our Women in Leadership series, this enlightening discussion is full of inspirational insight thoughtfully intended for all business leaders and those mentoring the up-and-coming generation.