When you think back to how you arrived at your current role, did people mentor you, support you, connect you, or challenge you, contributing to your success in your career? Our Women in Leadership podcast series continues with an insightful discussion about advocating for other people as a woman in leadership.

Our guests for this podcast, three women board directors of First Business Financial Services, Inc., the holding company of First Business Bank, discuss:

  • Those who championed their career paths and helped them along the way
  • Responsibilities they feel to pay it forward
  • What advocacy means to them
  • Providing anonymous support to improve situations for others
  • Empowering employees to develop passions to advocate for others
  • Learning from others with differing viewpoints
  • Staying open and flexible to creative ways to provide support
  • Personal satisfaction gained from advocating for others

Acknowledging the gratitude they have for their success and those who helped them along the way, our panelists are passionate about contributing to others’ success, as well. “Advocacy is very gratifying and empowering and you want do more of it,” said Laurie Benson. “You take great pride and joy in seeing others succeed.”