Does your industry have a cheerleader? Someone who rallies businesses and helps them network to support innovation and accomplish more together? This episode of the First Business Bank Podcast is a fresh look at the benefits of collaboration between businesses with Martin Ochs, founder of Green Bay Innovation Group (GBIG) and A.M. Mailing, Inc., and member of First Business Bank’s Northeast Advisory Board.

Marty looks back on his long career in the 5P industries – paper, pulp, printing, plastic, and packaging — and talks about his passion bringing people together to make a difference. This episode of the First Business Bank Podcast also includes a discussion about:

  • Marty’s story of founding A.M. Mailing, Inc., and winning the Wisconsin Service Business of the Year Award
  • The economic status of the 5Ps industries globally and in Wisconsin
  • How he recognized the need for a 5Ps consortium and started GBIG
  • What GBIG is doing and hopes to accomplish in the future

Listen to this episode of the First Business Bank Podcast for a positive conversation about entrepreneurship, innovation, collaboration, and building business and relationships in Northeast Wisconsin with Marty Ochs.