The accounts payable process often is a time-consuming, complex mix of B2B payments involving ACH, wires, checks, and credit cards. Simplifying your business’s accounts payable through Integrated Payables reduces labor and check costs, maximizes efficiency, decreases the opportunity for check fraud, and generates revenue through virtual card payments.

This episode of the First Business Bank Podcast focuses on how integrating your accounts payable with Integrated Payables works, including:

  • Improving accounts payable efficiency with one AP file
  • Reducing costs by eliminating checks, envelopes, and postage
  • Generating revenue with secure, one-time virtual card payments
  • Decreasing labor costs and reliance on postal service
  • Reducing check fraud risk by progressively moving to digital payments
  • Outsourcing working with suppliers to change to ACH or virtual card payments
  • Evaluating your current ERP system and the ROI of Integrated Payables for your business

Any advantage in this economy is worth considering, especially one that allows your business to simplify a labor-intensive process, reduce fraud, and generate revenue all at the same time. Tune in to this episode of the First Business Bank Podcast for more details about how Integrated Payables can work in your business.