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Borrowing with a Plan

Put a clear plan in place to best utilize your debt.

Use Borrowing as a Tool for Financial Planning

By asking the right questions, the Financial Planning and borrowing team helps you understand how to best leverage your debt — or acquire new debt — to make the life you want happen. 

Debt doesn’t have to be a burden. Use a Financial Planning borrowing strategy to realize an optimal financial portfolio. 

Improve Your Liquidity

Make sure you have access to resources when the unexpected occurs by using borrowing to your advantage.

Maximize Tax-Efficiencies

Use your debt to effectively fund purchases with a more tax-efficient approach that optimizes your financial situation.

Get Short- and Long-term Gains

Put your assets to use earning short- and long-term gains by borrowing to achieve your goals. 

Live the Life You Want

Keep your dreams front and center. Use Financial Planning borrowing strategies to make every day count. 

Find the Best Ways to Use Borrowing

Borrowing with a plan means taking on debt intentionally. When done properly — with the right plan in place — borrowing money is a great tool for the short and long term.


Acquire new property and invest your current assets in long-term returns by borrowing with a mortgage.

Lines of Credit

Access liquidity for life’s unexpected circumstances using a line of credit so your invested assets continue offering you returns.

Liquidity Access

Make sure you always have access to cash — even during unfavorable markets — by planning for liquidity access.

Debt Restructuring

Structure your debt so you don’t have to take on unexpected new loans in retirement by evaluating your debt balances.
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Borrow Today. Plan for Tomorrow.

Borrowing isn’t bad. Using debt as a tool to maximize your financial portfolio is invaluable for achieving your objectives. Make a plan for leveraging debt to your advantage with the financial planning and borrowing team at First Business Bank. 

The People Helping You Achieve Your Priorities & Improve Liquidity

Meet the financial experts working with you to create a borrowing strategy for your best advantage.

Brush Up On The Latest Tips For Managing Your Wealth

Access our latest podcasts, articles, and reports about smart financial planning, wealth management, and more.

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Make A Clear Plan for Your Borrowing Needs

Work with a team that has your short- and long-term interests at heart.