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Transferring My Wealth

Preserve your values and beliefs and plan a lasting legacy.

Create a wealth plan with a purpose

As a person fortunate to have accumulated considerable wealth, you may be considering how to leave a lasting contribution for your family, for your community and for the causes you support. 

Our team helps you create a thoughtful plan to empower those you care about long after you are gone.

Ensure Your Legacy

Of primary concern when creating a wealth plan are the details surrounding transferring your wealth and estate to your children, loved ones, and important causes. Your Private Wealth banking expert will help you answer questions so you can make these important decisions.

Explore Your Options

Whether you are planning to transfer your estate to your heirs, create a family foundation, or donate to your favorite charity, your financial advisor will explore every opportunity to make an impact with your wealth.

Build Your Plan

Work alongside your legacy planning team to devise a wealth transfer plan that accounts for your wishes and ensures your family is easily able to enact your wishes after you are gone. 

The People Preserving Your Legacy for Generations to Come

Meet the people helping you to achieve your priorities as you plan for the future.

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