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Christine C. Walton, JD

Vice President II, Trust Advisor and Trust Counsel

Christine C. Walton, JD

About Christine

Christine serves First Business Bank's Private Wealth team as Vice President II - Trust Advisor & Trust Counsel, with 30 years of experience in Trust Administration, Estate Planning, and corporate law. She has worked in the corporate fiduciary environment, served as General Counsel, and run her own law practice. Christine is working in the Kansas City market to provide Trust, Estate, and Private Wealth management services to clients, with a strategic focus on holistically serving the needs of business owners and their families.

Christine grew up in the Kansas City area and earned her undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Kansas. She has two adult sons who recently left the nest and resides in Leawood, Kansas, with her two gray tabby cats. She’s an avid reader, a supporter of the arts, and serves on the Board of Job One, a nonprofit that supports adults with disabilities. Christine enjoys traveling, particularly to visit her identical twin sister in the Netherlands.

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