Life is full of adventures if you choose to view it that way. Let me give you one recent example. I was recently stuck in traffic on the interstate in the early morning hours. Now I could have been one of those crazy people who pound the steering wheel and honk at other drivers to move out of my way, but I decided NOT to do something that would make absolutely no difference in the situation.

I took a deep breath and got messages out to my teammates that I would be at work as quickly as traffic would allow. Then I put on my sunglasses, opened the moon roof, and turned the radio up. My mood instantly changed. I’m sure the other drivers enjoyed the song and dance show going on in my car, and hopefully it brought a smile to their faces and changed their perspective on the situation as well.

I always try to be positive in situations that are beyond my control. I recently decided that chaos was my new “normal”. It seems that life changes so fast, you never know what to expect. Plans are made and then need to be changed.

So on this high-paced, ever-changing road we call life, I choose to make time to stop and smell the roses. Otherwise you will wake up one day and find out that your whole life has passed you by and you have nothing to show for it. I want to make sure there are great stories in my life to be told for years to come.

With that in mind, I have a bucket list of adventures that I want to do before this life is over. Some are simple and can be easily accomplished if I make the time. Others will take more time and planning. The point is to start living life while you are still alive.

One bucket list item that I have every intention of checking off of my list this year is indoor skydiving. Yes, I said indoor. Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane is NOT on my bucket list (for the record, zip lining isn’t on the list either). I’ve been looking at cities across the USA that have indoor skydiving, but I just found out that Overland Park, KS will be opening an indoor skydiving facility in the near future. I can’t wait!

Now it’s your turn. What adventures have you been dreaming about? Now is the time to stop dreaming and make those dreams a reality. Make plans with your children, parents, spouse, friends and anyone else who shares your interests. There are so many adventures just waiting to happen.

Make memories to treasure for a lifetime…and DON’T FORGET THE CAMERA!