Key individuals in our communities have tremendous potential to make a sustained, meaningful impact. Through tenacity, experience, connections, and accomplishments, they have created the ability to greatly benefit those around them. At First Business Bank, we recognize the importance of prioritizing the needs of these cornerstones in the community, as this, in turn, will positively impact so many others.

Many of these individuals are business owners who often embody the entrepreneurial spirit. Inspired by their drive and potential, our bank’s founders built a business model from the ground up to focus on their specific needs. With our laser focus, we offer the robust services and the experience of a large bank, coupled with the personal attention and client service you’d get at a small community bank. We can integrate top-notch support for business needs, but our high-touch model also works perfectly for non-business owners as well.

Making a Difference

One side effect of this niche approach that they didn’t necessarily see in advance is that it is a magnet for financial experts looking to make a difference. It has helped us build a team of experts who share the common mission of doing good in the world through helping others. This team naturally works together to listen, understand priorities, ask good questions, and get to know our clients better than anyone else.

We leverage our team-based approach and strengths of our model for the sole purpose of getting things right for our clients. We intentionally recognize situations where we are making an impact in our clients’ lives. We define success as making a difference to our clients – and celebrate when our clients tell us that we’ve changed their lives, when they reward us with additional assets, or refer us to friends or colleagues.

Sharing to Give Back

It’s this drive that also encourages us to give back. Our staff has a wealth of information gleaned from their experience and we want to share it with our communities — often in various formats, like reports, podcasts, videos, articles, and blogs — for everyone to use and benefit. It makes us feel good to use our knowledge for the good of all. And for our clients, it’s the tip of the iceberg – showcasing the experience and expertise they can directly access.

2023 NPS & Customer Satisfaction ScoresAll these efforts (and more) drive our client satisfaction to ratings far above industry standards. Most recently, First Business Bank received a 93% client satisfaction rating, which means 93% of all clients who completed the survey rated us a 4 or 5 on a 5-point scale. For context, J.D. Power lists the top bank’s client satisfaction rating as 71% and 67% for banking overall.

Similarly, our Net Promoter Score (NPS), which measures how likely clients are to recommend us to others, easily outpaces those of other investment firms and banks. Our latest NPS score was 78, compared to 45 for leading investment firms and 23 for banks.

Along with those two important measurements, I’m so humbled when our clients nominate our team and our work for awards like our 2023 selection as a finalist in the preferred Wealth Management firm category within In Business magazine’s Executive Choice Awards. We were also honored to be selected as preferred Wealth Management firm in 2022, and recognized with a 2022 People's Choice Award for Wealth Management. You can imagine that when your team’s focus is client success, and that effort is recognized, naturally your team is happy. We monitor our annual employee satisfaction survey statistics, and we celebrate our recognition with a Top Workplaces award nationally.

I believe that focus often leads to success. Between our business model, our team’s unified purpose of achieving our client’s vision, and our ability to provide quality insights to those in our community, I believe we’re making a difference. We work hard not only to create and preserve wealth for our clients, but also to create a wealth of good in the world.

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Last updated: 11/14/2023