At First Business Bank, we’re continuously working to improve the client experience, which is why we’re revealing a refreshed website. The improved flow, design, and messages are thoughtfully intended for our busy clients — to maximize your efficiency and the value you receive from our relationship. 

About Logins

While we like to improve for clients, we’re also fans of consistency. When you see the refreshed website, you’ll find the login page for banking solutions where it is right now — in the upper right corner. The login page design is different, but the actual login links and login pages remain the same since January when we updated our name and URL. If you previously bookmarked individual banking solution login pages, now is a great time to update your bookmarks in your browser if you didn’t earlier.  

Why .Bank?

While we’re changing the look of our site, it still lives at, a change we made in January 2021. Website addresses with .BANK at the end are exclusive to banks — you can only get one by proving beyond a doubt that you’re part of the global banking community. This extra security isn’t available with .com or .net website addresses. So please, always look for .BANK at the end of our website address and update your bookmarks to so you’ll continue to access the latest, most secure site. 

If you have any questions about this transition, please reach out to your First Business Bank representative.