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Are You Worthy of Word-of-Mouth Advertising?

Written by Debbie Eldridge, Operations Analyst and Trainer

Right around this time last year, I wrote about my experience working with several window contractors to get quotes for replacement windows. One of them stood out because the salesperson led with transparency and honesty instead of a flashy sales pitch. I recently reached back out to them to purchase windows.

Debbie Eldridge

Not only were they just as helpful, they helped me save enough on the windows to also afford new doors through their company. They patiently explained each step of the process and answered all of my questions. On top of all of this, they worked with me to get a tax credit for energy savings, as well. As we measured the windows and looked at the exterior, they noticed my siding was beginning to show some wear. (They do windows, doors, and siding). They offered to caulk the trouble spots — free — so that it will be ready to paint whenever I’m ready. Bonus! They’ve blown me away with their client service and I’ll happily recommend them to others.

Word-of-mouth advertising is very valuable. There’s nothing better than a real-life testimonial from someone you trust. I am doing other home projects and heard from a teammate who is having work done on her house that she was really satisfied with her contractor. I recently got in touch and had the same experience. His character and willingness to explain all the details and steps in the project are amazing. He helped me to prioritize my list into wants and needs and get bids for the various projects. He was also on time for our first meeting and returned calls promptly. That is a BIG pet peeve of mine: people who leave me waiting for appointments that we scheduled well in advance don’t typically get a second chance. We have now done several home projects and I’ve added to the list of future projects to work with him on.

In another example, I asked my insurance agent for a referral to install new kitchen countertops. They called me back right away and the owner arrived to measure and provide details of howAre You Worthy of Word-of-Mouth Advertising? the installation would proceed. The office support team was friendly and not afraid to share opinions, helpful hints, and things that have or haven’t worked so that I would be prepared.

The granite I selected wasn’t exactly what I wanted, so they shared their distributor’s information so I could see more samples. They put it on an extended hold since the holidays can be crazy busy for everyone, and we finally found an install date that would work between Thanksgiving and Christmas. (I had hoped to do this in the summer, when I could grill outside and not worry about using the kitchen, but I love adding one more thing to the overwhelming holiday schedule. Yes, that was sarcasm). The team made it so easy and smooth through calls, emails, and in-person visits. There was an issue with how the backsplash was measured, so that meant I needed to either touch up the exposed wall or repaint. I called the owner who immediately made it right by giving me his contracting account information so that I could get anything I needed to paint. He went above and beyond by offering to add granite to my laundry room at no extra cost as an additional apology for their error.

Referrals are your greatest asset; they show earned trust and a mutually beneficial relationship. How we handle problems that arise in business and our personal lives is a reflection of our character and goes further than any words we put on paper. That’s what we also strive for at First Business Bank. When we use those learning moments and put that experience into action, we leave a lasting impression that we make it right for clients.

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