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Imagine running your business with easy access to the information you need exactly when you need it. It’s not just data, either, but the information reporting capabilities that make the difference. Now you can make critical decisions with full confidence that you have solid data to back them up.

Through a single point of contact and a secure technology system, your First Business Bank adviser works with you to provide access allowing you to manage multiple accounts. Our online business banking services automate bank account reconciliation and transaction reporting, and First Business Bank Direct Connect allows you ease of making transfers and reporting within QuickBooks® Desktop.

Key online business banking reporting features:

• Access daily account activity, detailed summaries, images of deposits and items deposited, and copies of cleared items

• Transfer funds internally and externally

• Automate stop payment requests

• Access 180 days of history including images of checks and items deposited

• Predict cash flow with a special forecasting, cash-position report

• Streamline data with our combined balance summary and account activity report

• View multiple check images simultaneously on the account activity screen

• Receive electronic copies of statements for the past 18 months, including images of checks and items deposited


Returned Checks

If an item your business deposited is returned, Online Business Banking users will receive an email notice the next day to log into Online Business Banking to view details of the return. Details about first-time returns, re-deposit items, and chargeback items are available.

The Returned Checks area in Online Business Banking includes:

•  Return date & deposit date

•  Amount

•  Return reason

•  Check image

You can request special instructions for deposited check returns, such as posting the item to an alternate account or sending advice to an alternate address. Your business can also receive an email notifying you of the return the same day instead of the next day. Please speak with your First Business Bank Relationship Manager about setting this up.

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First Business Bank Direct Connect

First Business Bank Direct Connect allows you to download your account activity, transfer funds between First Business Bank deposit accounts, and make bill payments all directly in QuickBooks® Desktop.

• No manual data entry – Once you’re set up, you can download all your transactions right into QuickBooks® Desktop instead of typing them all by hand.

• Automatically reconcile data – Direct Connect data includes complete transaction and balance information to make categorization and account reconciliation easy.

• No duplicate transactions – Direct Connect incorporates a special transaction-matching algorithm that prevents the download of duplicate transactions.

• Easier to use – Direct Connect files may be automatically opened from within QuickBooks® Desktop, eliminating the need to search for downloaded files.

Information Reporting and Record Keeping


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Information Reporting and Record Keeping

Processing Cut-Off Times

ACH (same day) 11:30 am
ACH (future dated) 4:00 pm
ACH Positive Pay Exception Decisions 2:00 pm
Positive Pay Exception Decisions 12:00 pm
Outgoing Wire 3:00 pm
Mobile Deposit 4:00 pm
Remote Deposit 5:00 pm*
Online Banking Transfers (external accounts) 4:00 pm
Online Banking Transfers (internal accounts) 8:00 pm
Online Banking Stop Payment Requests 5:00 pm
Bill Pay 8:00 pm


Consumer Bill Payment clients may see a one-time pop up message when accessing the Bill Payment section of Online Banking informing you about heightened Virtual Card payment security.

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Access to our Remote Deposit Capture system is intermittently unavailable; users may not be able to access it at this time. We are working to restore access as possible. If you have questions, please contact us at:

  1. Wisconsin Region: 608-232-5938
  2. Kansas Region: 913-717-6464