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Bank Information Reporting & Record Keeping

Gain full visibility into your accounts with real-time bank information reporting and record keeping.

Get Accurate, Reliable Financial Reports From Any Device At Any Time

Business doesn't happen on a 9-to-5 schedule, so you need to access essential financial reporting around the clock.

First Business Bank makes it easy to access a wide range of reports through our Business Online Banking portal from any device.

All in one location, you'll see account activity, check images and returns, incoming wires, investment reporting, and cash flow forecasting. Even download your data in several formats for your accounting software or to use in presentations.

Conveniently Access Your Bank Information Reporting

With your information in one centralized location, it’s easy to pull loan statements, manage user access controls, and navigate to your digital banking tools through our business online platform. 


Access Banking Statements

Pull loan statements, deposit statements, and review account analysis statements seamlessly. 

Review Account Activity

View 180 days of account activity with check and deposit ticket images.

Add Users and Manage Access

Set up as many users as you need and determine access levels. 

Implement Dual Controls

Customize dual controls and notification alerts for additional security.

Connect Your Digital Banking Tools

Access almost everything digital through a single sign-on platform. 

Approve Payments on the Go

Validate payments and approve any fraud exceptions through the application.

Initiate International Payments

Make your international payments through our secure platform. 

Get A Connected Experience with Bank Information Reporting

Today, your business is integrated within the digital sphere. Stay on top of your accounts with our real-time bank information reporting digital tools.

Pay Bills Online

Control your payables with scheduling, reminders, and automatic payments. Easily track, manage, and organize your bills — all within one dashboard.

Use the Mobile App

View account balances, review history, pay bills, approve transactions and more — all from your mobile device.

Deposit Payments

Snap a picture of your check to deposit on the go. Mobile deposit gives you confidence in your cash flow.
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Secure Your Accounts with A Suite of Fraud Prevention Solutions

Protect your accounts. Secure your business.

Financial-related accounts are the number one target for cyber criminals. That’s why we provide a suite of security features and tools — from ACH Positive Pay to financial security insights.

Put your security first. With our fraud prevention solutions, you can set up dual controls, approve fraud exceptions on the go, and monitor account activity in real-time.

Get the First Business Bank Mobile App

Download the First Business Bank mobile app to start leveraging the benefits of digital banking today. 

Check out our Quick Start guide — or visit your favorite app store to start simplifying Treasury Management with easy-access on your mobile devices. 

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The Financial Experts Helping Your Business Access Data & Increase Security

Meet the people working with businesses to modernize access to data reporting and strengthening fraud prevention.

Get More Bank Reporting & Record Keeping Insights

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Make Bank Information Reporting Easy

Use the latest technology to gain new efficiencies for Treasury Management.