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Payables Management

Maximize efficiency across your business with fast and simple payables management.

Optimize Cash Flow with Payables Management

Modernize your payment processes and access a range of tools to make payables simple.

Gain new efficiencies and reduce the risk of a missed payment or security gap with comprehensive payables management for business. 

Take Advantage Of Electronic Payments with ACH

With ACH Origination you can ensure payments are received securely and timely.

Use All Types of Payables

Check, wires, corporate card, purchase card, electronic payments — use the payment type that works best for you. 

Integrate with Your General Ledger

Make purchasing easier with integrated GL accounting and automate purchase coding. 

Gain New Efficiencies

Leverage overnight sweeps, CDs and CDARs, and money market accounts to maximize returns while minimizing workloads.

Explore our Comprehensive Payables Management Services

Payables with all the options.

Whether you’re a smaller start-up or multinational franchise, you need access to a suite of payables management solutions to reduce your risk, maximize returns, and drive efficiencies for Treasury Management.

Direct Deposit

Skip the check and use direct deposit to quickly make deposits. 

Electronic Payments

Send electronic payments to suppliers and vendors faster with ACH Origination.

Checks & Wires

Use traditional checks or domestic and international wire transfers.

International ACH

Originate and accept international ACH payments. 

Corporate Cards

Use corporate, purchase, or virtual cards for procurement or employee spending.

Receipt Management

Easily reconcile receipts and track payables with digital receipt management. 

General Ledger Automation

Integrate with general ledger accounting and automate purchase coding. 

Payables Reporting

Track and analyze your company’s payables to minimize risk and error. 

Liquidity Management

Maximize returns and reduce risk with comprehensive liquidity management.

Overnight Sweeps

Optimize your daily liquidity with overnight sweeps and sweep accounts. 

CDs and CDARs

Improve your liquidity with extended FDIC suites, CDs, and FDIC-insured CDARs.

Money Market Accounts

Maximize returns with interest-bearing money market accounts. 

Get an Easy-to-Use Integrated Payables Solution

Simplify Treasury Management with Integrated Payables — an easy-to-use application that lets you send ACH, wire, and check payments. 

Use Integrated Payables to send a payment file from anywhere for a more efficient, secure, and reliable Treasury Management solution.  

Address Short-Term Payables with Liquidity Management

Bank on better cash flow.

Maximize returns on your accounts to improve liquidity and reduce the risk of being short on cash. Comprehensive liquidity management is integral to your payables management solution. With the guidance of our team, you’ll increase your yield and daily cash flow with our sophisticated payables tools.

Sweep Accounts
Leverage a daily sweep, loan sweep, or our extended FDIC sweeps through an overnight sweep to maximize your daily earnings without having to worry about managing transfers. 

CDs and CDARs
Build a ladder structure with the help of our team that makes sense for your business based on timing and liquidity needs. 

Money Market Accounts
Maximize returns with higher interest-bearing rates and still have easy access to your funds to support liquidity with competitive money market accounts designed for business.

mobile payment on a phone

The People Helping Your Business To Maximize Cash Flow

Meet the financial experts working with you to help your business operate efficiently.

Track Spending with Mastercard®-Backed Credit Cards

Add a transparent layer of accountability and efficiency to your business credit cards.

Corporate Card

Add a traditional corporate card to your payables solution and gain improved visibility into employee spending.

Purchase Card

Use a purchase card to improve procurement efficiency. Categorize and automate coding for credit card activity.

Virtual Card

Pay your monthly invoices easily with a virtual card and reconcile statements using our Integrated Payables solution.

Receipt Management

Use digital receipt management tools to improve payables tracking and reporting.

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Simplify Payables Management. Maximize Your Returns.

Benefit from making payments by using comprehensive — and expert-guided — payables management solutions.