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A Trusted Source For Equipment Financing

Put your equipment financing strategy in the hands of a trusted partner.

No matter your industry, our equipment financing experts help you find the options that best serve your business. 

Find creative equipment finance solutions, built for your specific needs, and keep business running.

Keep Businesses Running With Equipment Finance

From computers to tow trucks, medical equipment to machinery — every industry needs equipment to get the job done. First Business Bank can help.

Offer Financing

Give your customers access to the best financing options available to help you close more sales.

Get Financing

Get Equipment Financing to procure trade tools and products for your business.

Offer Financing To Your Clients

Finance Your Customers. Reach Your Sales Goals.

Your customers want to buy from you, and you want to sell to them. Increase your sales by helping them overcome budgetary and cash flow constraints with equipment and vendor financing.

Loan Financing
Help your customers finance their purchases with flexible equipment loan financing plans. 

Rent your equipment and products to customers using advantageous leasing agreements.


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Offer The Advantage Of Equipment Financing

Experience the ease of working with a knowledgeable equipment and Vendor Finance partner.

2-Hour Easy Apply

Submit your application online and get an answer back in about two hours based on our credit-scoring model. 

Increased Sales

Giving your customers the ability to overcome budgetary obstacles helps you close more sales.

Assured Payments

Provide your customers easy, structured repayment plans, built to close the sale and guarantee your payment.

Get Financing

Get the financing and equipment you need to get to work.

In some cases, you need to finance your own equipment purchases. Use equipment financing to procure trade tools and products for your business. 

Loan Financing
Finance the material purchases you need with flexible equipment loan financing plans.

Rent the equipment and products you need to work using attractive leasing agreements.

Get The Benefits Of Equipment Financing

Experience the ease of working with a knowledgeable equipment and Vendor Finance partner.

Increase Productivity

Avoid delays. Move timelines up. Ensure everyone on your team has access to the equipment they need to get the job done right.

Grow Your Business

Leverage direct equipment financing to expand your business, growing your customer base and delivery capabilities.

Use Competitive Financing

Rely on a business bank experienced with your industry and needs to deliver strategic direct financing specific for your company.

How To Secure Equipment Financing

Many leaders of successful businesses start small, growing their business organically. However, when you need more equipment to scale the business, what do you do when you can’t buy it with cash? Equipment financing offers many benefits, but how do you get started?

Financial statements help equipment finance experts understand the financial health and story of your business, and what you plan to accomplish with your newly acquired equipment. Here's our best advice about which financial statements you might need to secure equipment financing,

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Find Equipment Financing For Your Industry

Markets and industries are constantly changing, and the financial sector sometimes struggles to keep up. Work with a partner who stays ahead of these economic shifts, providing Equipment Financing for your industry.

Equipment Financing for Specialized Industry Applications

As you might expect from a focused business bank, through our experience, we've become experts in several industries. Our work spans all business sectors. Our client experience is relevant in every industry.

Here are a few of the industries in which we're experienced, but the list is always growing. Connect with us to learn more about our experience in your industry.

Vocational Vehicles

Financing for vocational vehicles, such as tow trucks, dump trucks, and medium duty service trucks.


Secure construction equipment financing for heavy equipment, contractor tools, and construction materials.

Industrial Machinery & Robotics

Get industrial machinery and robotics equipment financing for machinery, power supplies, and testing equipment.

Healthcare & Medicine

Access financing for medical equipment and improve patient care delivery.

Veterinary Services

Access veterinary equipment financing for animal care equipment, including diagnostic and treatment equipment.


Offering equipment financing for a variety of agriculture equipment, from tillers to harvesters.

Packaging & Distribution

Receive packaging and distribution financing, including bottling, vacuum packaging, and warehouse materials.

Rental Equipment Industry

Get rental equipment financing for audio, visual, and event industry needs.

Built To Be Responsive

"A lot of equipment financing companies say they make quick decisions, but few are structured to make that happen. With fewer clients than other banks our size, First Business Bank’s Equipment Financing team puts responsive client service first."

Andrew Thomas
Vice President - Equipment Finance

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Let’s Keep Your Business Running At Peak Performance

Find the right equipment financing option for your business with First Business Bank.