Even before the COVID-19 pandemic changed how we work and collaborate, employees were seeking more meaning at work. Now, those feelings have intensified. According to a 2022 Gartner survey, 52% of respondents say that the pandemic led them to “question the purpose of their day-to-day jobs” and 56% say it “made me want to contribute more to society.”

On this episode of the First Business Bank Podcast, we brought together nonprofit and for-profit leaders from First Business Bank’s advisory boards, Debby Ballard, President and Founder of the Ballard Connection, and Chris Hess, President and CEO of Goodwill NCW, to discuss:

  • Aligning businesses with nonprofit missions to provide more meaning at work
  • How creating goodwill in your workforce can increase feelings of belonging
  • Different ways to improve employee retention and job satisfaction
  • Reasons to structure partnerships with nonprofits for mutual benefit
  • Activities to maximize employee participation

Sixty-five percent of employees say they’re rethinking the place work has in their lives. To improve retention, it’s important to understand how your business can improve employee satisfaction. When you partner with mission-driven nonprofits, employees build a sense of belonging with your company as you help them contribute to the greater good in your community. When you can help them give back, everyone wins.