As banks of all sizes experience an unprecedented level deposits while loan demand isn’t keeping up, they’re challenged by high cash balances on the balance sheet for longer than expected. Low unemployment, excess business liquidity, and the strengthening economy are all contributing factors — many smaller banks are increasing their investment portfolios as a result.

However, complex investments can be a struggle for some community and smaller banks to manage as they hunt for appropriate investments and spend an increasing amount of time managing their investment portfolio along with other duties.

In this episode of The First Business Bank Podcast, our experienced Bank Consulting team discusses:

  • How banks manage increased operational responsibilities, compliance documentation, trade activity, along with their daily tasks
  • The challenges and risks of the current environment for banks
  • Essential keys to bank Investment Portfolio success, such as an investment committee and strategy
  • How training and succession planning can benefit from an investment committee
  • The benefits of working with trusted bank Investment Portfolio professionals to offer expertise and continuity

Chief Financial Officers of community banks have enough duties to fill every day, and now many of them are also managing a bank Investment Portfolio. There’s a better way, and it can leave your bank in a position of strength for the years to come and while offering the flexibility of a consulting arrangement. With First Business Bank’s Bank Consulting experts, our experience is your advantage.